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Valentine reservation from home this year.

February 14 is just around the corner. You can already feel love in the air every time you walk into a store. But this year, why do the typical Valentine flowers, box of fancy chocolate, or maybe even diamond earnings? If your partner is like mine. She doesn’t need flowers, fancy chocolate, or diamonds. All she needs is for me to show how much I care about her. This year I have planned something different.

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My plan this year is to start the morning off right, instead of boring old creamer or milk in her morning coffee. This year, I am adding a shot of Mozart Chocolate coffee cream liqueur to her morning coffee. I’ll top it off with some whipped cream. I know this will start her day off with a smile.


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Before I know it, it will be lunchtime. Now it’s time to start making her favorite style of food, Mexican. Who doesn’t love rice, beans, cheese, tomatoes, seasoned meat, or seafood? This time I am dressing things up with a cocktail to take her back to when we went to Tijuana, Mexico. Mezcal Amaras Espadin was her favorite Mezcal. I was able to come across some. Now the challenging part starts, deciding what drink to make a Mezcal Paloma or a Mezcal Margarita.

You may ask yourself the difference between Tequila and Mezcal. Tequila might be better known to you because it is made with blue agave but is smoother and richer in flavor with age. Mezcal is also made with agave plants but is cooked in pits in the ground and has a smokey flavor. If you know someone who loves the smokiness of a single scotch, they will love the smokiness of Mezcal.

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Since I spent most of my time planning morning and afternoon, this event is simple but sweet, depending on the weather. I am thinking of a simple picnic in our favorite park with our dog. I’m just packing a bottle of her favorite wine with a boar’s head charcuterie board. This will be fun for everyone. And let’s get it straight, this is more for my dog; she is my true valentine.

Featured Photo by Anna Pou from Pexels

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