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Tips On How To Prepare To Be A Dad

Although soon-to-be parents are often overwhelmed with joy, many soon-to-be fathers know very little about how to prepare to be a dad, and how to take care of the family at large.

This is unlike moms-to-be who reach out to other experienced moms for advice. Whether you’ve fathered your own child or it’s one from a UK sperm bank, below are a few tips and tricks for soon-to-be fathers on how to prepare for, and handle a newborn.

  1. Stock up


The new baby will bring in new expenses and needs, all which need to be taken care of.  Shopping for fresh supplies and stocking up the kitchen cupboards and freezer is therefore recommended. You also need to buy fresh supplies of baby diapers, wipes, cold and flu medicine, painkillers and other over the counter medicine. You may also need to stock up the freezer as well.

  1. Prepare your finances


Although you may have been saving for this moment, it would be best if you budget the savings with the mom.  If working with limited financial resources, it would also be best if you draft a black and white budget with your child’s mom.  This can help reduce or even prevent impulse buying, especially on the mom’s side.  Most dads-to-be are often worried about their finances, with many getting stressed months before the baby is born. As mentioned earlier, mapping out how to use the little money you may have with your wife/partner is the best solution for this.

  1. Buy a gift for your baby

Although most people think buying gifts for their unborn children is being spendthrift, it actually isn’t. You do not have to buy something expensive – a baseball mitt, for example, can be a great gift for your baby.

  1. Invest in a baby car seat

Have the baby car seat ready months before the baby is born. Many people have had their children born days or even weeks before the due date. It would, therefore, be best to have a seat ready, and even fitted correctly in the car if possible.

  1. Keep the car fueled


Since most babies come late at night when you least expect them (and shops closed), it would be a wise idea to keep the vehicle fully fueled. You also need to ensure everything else in the car is in a good state, such as the tires, windshield wipers, brakes, and most importantly, the battery.

  1. Pre-Register at a preferred health center/hospital

Take some time to visit a preferred maternity center, and have everything filled out in advance. Be sure to check for any limitations, or any extra expenses that may not be covered by your insurance policy. You may also want to check the baby’s Social Security Number application even before the baby is born.

  1. Prepare To Be A Dad by Packing the hospital bag

Pre-packing the hospital bag can be a huge saver.   You never know when the baby will come knocking, which is why you should pack it in advance, then set it aside (somewhere you can find it fast). Some of the items you may need in the hospital bag include:

  1. Pre-admission forms, insurance cards, and any other relevant documents
  2. Snacks and a few drinks
  3. Headache medication
  4. Some cash
  5. A calling card
  6. Long-sleeve shirt or sweater.