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Traveling in a Car with Children. How to Do It Safe

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Children must be taught safe traveling rules. Also, ensure the vehicle seats and safety belts of the car they travel in are placed correctly and that they have travel safe insurance. This together with good driving habits will ensure that they travel safely. You must also ensure that they have travel safe insurance coverage to protect them whenever accidents happen. You could also use title loans to cover emergency accident costs.

Ways to travel safely with kids

Using a safety belt is crucial because in case a vehicle is involved in a crash, a safety belt can keep children safe. Drivers are required to determine a safe speed to travel based on the type of road they are traveling. But even when a vehicle is driving at a low speed, children may still get thrown here and there. To be safe, always use safety belts.

And a safety belt should be worn correctly. This implies fastening the upper and lower belts the right way. There are vehicles that have upper belts that cross a passenger’s body by themselves once a door of the vehicle is closed. The belt for the lap however still has to be fastened by the passenger. There are also other vehicles that have portable car safe shoulder and lap belts which are connected as a single belt that has to be fastened manually by a passenger.

Old vehicle models have 2 different belts or they lack the upper one. But whichever type of belts the vehicle has, the way of using them is the same and they all keep travelers safe. So, ensure the children wear them correctly.

When a safety belt is worn the right way:

●    The lower section of a safety belt must be resting low and firm above the child’s hips. It must not across the upper section of the stomach.

●    The upper section of a safety belt must fit well across a child’s shoulder and chest. It must never be worn under the arm or across the face or neck.

Also, at times you will have to adjust a safety belt so that it can fit the child perfectly. So, before a car starts moving, an adult must check to ensure that the seat belt fits the child correctly. And if you have a newborn, do not travel without asking, when is it safe to travel with a newborn? At times you will find that it is not safe to travel until the newborn baby is a few weeks old.

And if you are traveling in a car that belongs to someone you know (a family member or a friend), do not assume you are safe and avoid wearing a seatbelt. Also, do not share seatbelts with other kids. We know it can be fun when kids share seat belts but in case of an accident, you will end up getting injured badly. If you are or your family does get hurt in a crash, it’s smart to review local options for legal remedies. For example, families in Northeast Ohio could reach out to a Youngstown car accident attorney for help.

Booster seats

To ensure safe traveling, children might also require using a booster seat. These are the seats that enable children to sit up high allowing their shoulder seat belts to fit correctly across their chest enabling them to have a safe trip.

Booster seats should be used by children until their height reaches 1.4 meters or until when they get to the height and weight harness strap limit of a vehicle seat. This normally happens between eight and twelve years. This is the stage where a seatbelt fits correctly without needing the booster seat. So, adults should always check and ensure their kids are big enough to travel in cars without needing the booster seat.

Additional guidelines for safe traveling in cars

  1. To be safe, all seatbelts must be used. Many vehicles have upper and lower belts that are buckled as one belt. However, there are other cars that only have lower belts. Show the children how to access and use each belt. You must also tell them to avoid tucking the belts below their armpit; you may find most children doing that because it is comfier. If seatbelts are not used the right way, they will not keep the children safe as required.
  2. Whether they are traveling to a country like Europe or any other, children who are below thirteen years old must always use the back seat of the car. Sitting at the back will ensure they travel to Europe safe or reach any other destination they are traveling to safe. This is so because sitting at the back keeps them safe from possible harm whenever a passenger-side airbag deploys. Make children understand that an airbag can injure them badly because it is meant for people who are big physically.
  3. Explain to the children that to be safe they also have to remain calm when traveling. Should they jump around or make noise, they will confuse their driver and that will put everyone in the car in danger.
  4. The rules in each vehicle should be adhered to and it is recommended to read safe travel quotes before traveling.
  5. It is good to also wear sunglasses for driving. Sunglasses help both the driver and the passenger to block dangerous UV rays that can damage the eyes.


If the safe traveling guidelines explained here are adhered to, kids will be able to travel safely. You must also ensure that they have a travel safe insurance cover to protect them whenever accidents happen. Did you find our article useful? Write to us if you have any questions or suggestions. Let’s help each other make sure that children travel safely.

Author’s bio: This safe traveling article was written by Mr. Lukie who has worked in the vehicle industry. He is an exceptional writer who has written many informative articles related to safe traveling. He also likes traveling often and he enjoys meeting new people, especially those who are into writing like him.

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