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Online Entertainment for the Gentleman in You

We all know that gentlemen don’t spend time on their phone when they are in a company (especially in the company of ladies). Constantly tapping and swiping while at the table is not only “ungentlemanly” but also simply rude. Fumbling with your phone is perfectly all right while you are alone, though.

Smartphones have become our main entertainment hubs nowadays. They present us with such an abundance of information and distraction that gentlemen sometimes find it hard to decide where to head first. This short guide is intended to help the aspiring gentleman in you find his way through the online entertainment jungle, with some tips on what to do not just to stay distracted, but also to improve yourself.

Games for gentlemen

Consider this: do you want to be seen playing Candy Crush on the go? I think not. There’s nothing wrong with reactor-type games, of course, but they are perhaps not the best games for your image as a gentleman. For a truly “gentlemanly” casual game, head over to http://www.onlinepokiesfun.com/, choose an online casino (forget social ones, they don’t have this game) and give Baccarat “Chemin de Fer” a try.

Baccarat is a simple game of chance, with a long history, very popular among high-profile players in Las Vegas and beyond. Besides, it is the favorite game of the best-known gentleman of the world, James Bond. The game has an important part to play in the first Bond novel ever, Casino Royale, where Her Majesty’s best secret agent has to defeat Le Chiffre, his nemesis, at this game.


News for the gentlemen

If you want to stay up-to-date with the latest news from the world, any (unbiased) news outlet will do – even if these are hard to come by lately. But if you are more selective with what content you want to consume, you’ll need to be selective with the sources you procure your information from. Unfortunately, most men’s magazines of today are nothing but tabloids, with click bait titles and overhyped content.

I, for one, have subscribed to just a handful of online magazines, after taking a good look at the content they publish. And I keep looking for sources that are meaningful, deep, and most importantly original. Oh, and I never fall for click bait – and neither should you.

Humor for gentlemen

A gentleman is never trivial, and most importantly never vulgar. And the forms of online humor a gentleman appreciates is not the usual “funny cat pictures” and “FAIL videos” – I know, laughing at other people’s stupidity is great fun, but it’s not a very “gentlemanly” thing to do.

I, for one, appreciate John Oliver much more than any other media personality especially because of his subtle sense of humor. And because he knows when – and how – to use swear words, and still manages to sound like an intelligent, literate male – a gentleman.

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