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Dapper Eyewear For The Sophisticated Man

Gone are the days when wearing glasses was a fashion no-go. Actually, it’s possible that those days never really existed. There are still some people who worry that wearing glasses will make them look too much like a bookworm, or the kid who was bullied at school, or just plain ridiculous. However, wearing spectacles can help you project the height of sophistication. It’s just about choosing the right pair for your face and style.

The perfect accessory

Glasses are the perfect accessory for the sophisticated male. As a rule, men should not accessorize to anywhere near the degree that women do, for fear of looking too flash or over-cluttered. A stylish watch, one or two rings, cuff links and maybe a tiepin should be your limit. But there’s one other item that you can wear to express your individuality and set off the rest of your outfit, and that’s a pair of glasses. These can shift the emphasis of your whole look, so you need to know how to make them work in your favor.

Styles for 2016

For the modern sophisticated look, choose ‘Typewriter’ models that are striking without being too eccentric. These have a heavier upper frame than below, where the frame is almost transparent. Stick to brown, black, gunmetal or tortoiseshell colors, while being a bit bolder in your choice of suit, shirt or T-shirt.

Other popular styles this year include rounded frames for a more casual image, or the more elegant half-round. Vintage glasses in warm caramel tones are also very chic, if that’s your thing.

Other alternatives


Glasses are not for everyone. There are good practical reasons why you might choose to go for contact lenses or even corrective eye surgery instead. Let’s look at lenses first. These might seem less dramatic than surgery, but can be fiddly or easy to lose, and can irritate some people’s eyes. You also have to remember to take them out. That said, they’re a great option for many people who have impaired vision but want to keep their face uncluttered, for instance when taking part in sports or other physical activity.

Even better, however, would be having your vision perfectly restored. These days this is cheaper and easier than you might think. Surgery at the Kleiman Evangelista Eye Center is effective and blade-free. And if you like wearing glasses just for the way they look, you can always choose non-prescription lenses!

Be an individual

The sophisticated gentleman is aware of current fashions, but is not a slave to them. He walks his own path in everything, and knows that classic elegance never goes out of style. He also knows that clothes and accessories have to suit him, not vice versa. So choose a pair of glasses that complement the shape of your face. Some styles are thinning, while others will fill out your features. Think about whether you want to appear sober and conservative or whether you want to go for something a bit more dashing and quirky. Above all, be yourself, and choose the eyewear that conveys exactly the message you want it to.

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