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Tips For Cultivating Psychic Energy

When I use the term cultivating psychic energy, I’m not really talking about a ghostly force that makes spooky things happen. I’m just using those words as a convenient shorthand to talk about where our interests and motivations end up and what that intention can do for us. How are you looking at your life? How can you change it for the better? In my experience, the way you perceive a lot of the minor things around you plays a remarkable role in how you feel about your life. Making a change in the way you think and how you apply your desires can make a huge difference in how happy, satisfied, and confident you feel. Here are four key ways to improve this psychic energy.


1) The Importance Of Yourself

The way you think ends up determining the way you feel. Your feelings, in turn, will end up coloring all of your interactions with the world around you. The thoughts that run through your head – especially the inner monologues that you address to yourself – play a huge role in how you see the world. Do you treat yourself right when you’re talking to yourself? Do you blame yourself severely for every little mistake? Are you plagued by self-doubts and other negative thoughts that come back over and over?


According to http://www.psychics4today.com you need to turn your inner voice into a cheerleader instead of a critic. Be your own biggest fan! Every time you catch a negative thought warping your mental and emotional state, take a moment to counteract it by consciously thinking of something more supportive and loving. You can turn that little voice into your head into your very own spirit guide if you make it positive enough. Think of it as your soul, your higher self, or your pure consciousness. Wouldn’t this core part of you want to see you happy and successful? Start falling in love with the way you are.

2) Restore And Cultivate Your Energy

Life has always been chaotic and challenging, and modern always-connected life can be particularly draining. I’m an enormous fan of technology, and I’d never advise anyone to give up on all the great advantages that our computers and phones have to offer. I can also recognize from first-hand experience how easy it is to burn up hours with what was supposed to be a two-minute email check. Clear out spaces in your schedule to escape from screens and broadcasts. Get in touch with nature, find a peaceful, quiet place, and take some time to pull yourself into a state of mindful self-awareness. Grounding yourself and finding yourself in the moment helps generate fresh psychic energies.


3) Create Your Own Positive Rituals

I’m going to refrain from making do many “do this, do that” recommendations here. An effective ritual for grounding and focus depends on your personal needs and tastes. Personally, I always find that taking a hot bath is the perfect time to recharge and pick up fresh energy. I like to visualize negative thoughts draining away from me along with the water when I pull the plug. I like to use candles to take control of my psychic space, too. Just a few moments taken to prepare a candle in an attentive way – rubbing it with oil, tracing key words on it with fingertips, etc. – can turn this prosaic act into a powerful way to cleanse the energy around you. Your mood is highly flexible, and you’ll be surprised how giving your psychic energy even a tiny bit of attention can make an enormous difference.

4) Treat Energy As A Precious Resource

Recognize that you only have so much energy to go around. Do you really want to expend it on regret, negative self-examination, worrying about situations you can’t change, and directing negative emotions at others? Spend your psychic energy on positive pursuits that you know will improve your mood and situation. You can do this effectively on a case by case basis. Do you find yourself dwelling on a career opportunity that you regret passing up? Redirect the energy you’re wasting there into cultivating new career skills to prepare for advancement in the future!

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