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AM2R for Windows Users

Another Metroid 2 Remake or just AM2R is a fan-made remake to one of the most popular Game Boy series – Metroid. AM2R is something quite special, but very expected. The remake was in work for so many years, and has finally been released. If you have never played Metroid at all, or just haven’t played this version yet, we’re going to explain the plot in details, trying to avoid some dramatic spoilers.

So, what we recommend is getting am2r download files to install the game and follow it while reading the article. This will help you to get the pace of the game a lot faster. By the way, all am2r free download files are fully compatible with Windows 10/8/7.

What Is AM2R About?

The remake is developed in the same pattern as the original one. The only difference is that the gaming experience has become easier and more adjusted to the modern systems. The developers have eliminated the issues with:

  • Black-and-white graphics,
  • And awkward controls.

Analyzing am2r latest download version, we can state that the game has definitely more than a two-colour picture, and the controls are smooth and work well. These are probably the very first improvements any Metroid fan notices when uploading the remake.

What still is the same in this new am2r download version is a zero mission plot. There are no systems or directions for you where to go in aAM2R. What drives you through the whole game is the level design. At the same time, the new version has a new level of the story. If you have a question on how to learn to play the game, you won’t get an answer. Playing Metroid game is like learning to swim. You just have to start playing it to understand how everything works, where to go, and what to do to keep with the right direction of the game. Generally speaking, since you figure out how to play AM2R, the game start flowing at a faster pace.

This version of the game definitely has much fancier effects. Everything looks very nice, sleek, and of a high definition. Still, something looks a little bit weird bringing the illusion of playing a PlayStation rather than a computer game. But the gameplay is quite good. It feels like playing the Original Metroid, but with a drastically improved graphic design. Something was completely changed to fit the modern game design. But there are also a lot of originally looking levels, which all of us love in Metroid series.

So, summarizing everything mentioned above, we can genuinely say that AM2R is one of those very successful and well-made remakes of favorite old-school games. It is that kind of a remake that combines both something completely new and something already present in the original game, calling back to other Metroid versions. It’s not something we’ve never seen before. And that is probably one of the hardest tasks – to add new modern elements without destroying those already favorite with the fans. It turned out to be quite a good edition.