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The Pros and Cons of City Living

Public transport
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The Pros and Cons of City Living

There has always been a divide between people who want to live in the city and people who don’t. If you’re thinking about moving to a city there is a lot you need to consider. It can be overwhelming moving to a new city and getting used to the different style of life. To help you prepare for moving to a city, here are the pros and cons of city living.

The Pros of City Living

Public transport

Public transport
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Living in a city means you have access to a lot of public transport. There are endless options to get you where you need to go and much better schedules than for public transport in rural areas. Public transport is open late into the night and can safely get you home after a night out. If you want efficient, reliable public transport, then cities are the place for you.

Things to do

Cities have a lot more to offer when it comes to your leisure time. There is never a dull moment when you live in a city, and no matter what your hobbies are you’ll be able to find something to keep you busy. Festivals, markets, and other events are on all year round and provide you with plenty of opportunities to get out and explore the city.


You’ll find a great range of food on offer in cities. There is so much diversity and so many great cuisines to try that you’ll never run out of dinner options. Whether you like to eat in or eat out, there are all kinds of food to suit everyone’s tastes in the city. You’ll also have the benefit of having restaurants and cafes staying open much later.

The Cons of City Living

The noise

If you’re from rural or regional areas the noise of the city may be overwhelming at first. You’ll have to get used to honking cars, trains whizzing past, people staying up until the early hours of the morning, and other general city noises. You will get used to the noise eventually but it can be a lot to handle at first.

Cost of living

You will find that the cost of living in cities is much higher than in rural areas. The housing is more expensive, food is pricier, and even fuel will cost you more. The advantage is that jobs generally pay more, so it should balance out in the long-run. If you want to lower your cost of living, look for housing further out from the CBD, as this is where you’ll find cheaper rent.


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If you’re not a fan of being constantly surrounded by people then cities might not be for you. Cities are generally more populated than rural areas so you’ll find yourself in much larger crowds than you may be used to. Shopping centres, beaches, and supermarkets are all far more crowded than you may be used to. Be prepared to get pushed and shoved as you walk across pedestrian crossings.

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