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9 Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Business Website

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9 Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Business Website

If the genie from the lamp really existed and could fulfill wishes, most owners of business sites would wish that the traffic to their site never ends. However, there are ways to improve the situation without magic, but with the help of simply reasonable approaches and strategies. In this article, we have collected nine of the most effective ideas that will help you promote your site and get targeted traffic.

Check SEO Settings

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The most important thing to know about SEO promotion is that it is a long-term perspective. Having invested in SEO, once having worked out a competent SEO strategy, you will begin to receive organic traffic in 4-6 months.

Yes, this is not a lightning-fast way to attract traffic, but the audience that comes to your site from the search will be as targeted as possible.

You will no longer need to return to this issue for quite some time since SEO will work and give a permanent result on its own. Your site will slowly but surely rise at the top of the search results.

Therefore, start by revising the semantic core of the site. Make sure that users are looking for you exactly for the keywords that appear on your pages. Also, be sure to check if your site is under Google filters.

Launch a Contest on a Social Network

This is a fairly quick way to increase targeted traffic to a business site. Now, many companies use the format of contests and giveaways to get more traffic, and therefore customers.

But here the following condition is important. The conditions of your competition should be such that users, among other things, come to the site. For example, you can ask them to register or leave their contact details on the site to participate in the competition.

In addition to targeted traffic to the site, you will also get more active subscribers on Instagram or Facebook, and for even more efficiency, ask the contest participants to tag any of their friends.

But keep in mind that in order for users to fulfill all these conditions, the prize of the competition must be attractive enough.

Come up with a Signup Bonus

You have probably seen how this approach works many times. Your task is to stimulate already attracted visitors to register or leave contact information. The best reward for this action is useful content that will be sent by e-mail, a discount on the first purchase, or some other bonus that you can offer based on the specifics of your business.

Launch a Chatbot in Messenger

Current trends are such that users really like to interact with brands through messengers, including via chatbots. With this approach, you kill two birds with one stone.

You improve customer service, save on customer support, and obtain the opportunity to provide useful content at a time when users are ready to consume it.

To increase traffic to the site with a chatbot, you need to develop an appropriate strategy. For example, a chatbot may provide only a portion of the content and encourage users to learn more on your site. In addition, you can create personalized offers, to view which the user will need to go to the site.

Develop New Approaches to Content

We have already talked about SEO in terms of content, and this is certainly an effective strategy. But SEO promotion will never work unless you give users useful content. And perhaps the content should have even greater priority than SEO promotion. Today Google is very fond of taking into account behavioral factors, and if your text is written for search robots, then Google will sooner or later find out about this and put your site on the list of unreliable ones.

However, there is another way to drive traffic to the site via useful content. And this is guest posting. Its essence is that you publish your articles on those sites that your target audience visits. To find such sites, you can use specialized services, for example, the target audience visits.

It’s also a good way to increase the number of links to your site. Google loves to evaluate this criterion and raise the site in the SERPs if the result is satisfactory.

Start a Personalized Email Campaign

This is another way not only to increase traffic to the site but also to increase sales. However, for this, you will have to segment your users very carefully and develop a chain of personalized letters for each of the categories.

Of course, each letter should contain a link to the site, as well as a reasoned call to visit it with an explanation of what real benefits the user can get at this stage of interaction.

Check Site’s Usability

There is also the possibility that you have no problems with the content or with SEO, and perhaps you have already developed a cool email campaign, but… It is absolutely impossible to interact with your site.

Therefore, you need to audit the site and check the following parameters according to the checklist:

  • ease of navigation
  • user interface logic
  • available site functions that business from your niche should have
  • presence or absence of 404 pages
  • registration complexity
  • the presence of intrusive advertising
  • website loading & operation speed.

Take a Fresh Look at the Design

Design is the first thing that users see when they go to the main page of your site. If your design is outdated, repulsive, or conversely intrusive, then it makes no sense to try to increase traffic without correcting this situation.

Therefore, first of all, you should evaluate the compliance of the design with the trends, as well as the goals and values of your business. For example, if you are a business coach, and your site is made in acid pink or light green tones, then it is not surprising that you have little traffic and a very high bounce rate.

Cooperate with Influencers in Your Niche

This is quite modern, fashionable, and most importantly an effective way to increase traffic to your site. What is more, all attracted traffic will be exclusively targeted.

The essence of the method is as follows. Your task is to find those people who have a large number of a live audience in social networks, and also have a certain influence on them. It is important that the audience of the influencer and your target audience match at least partially.

Next, you should ask this person to make a small promo of your business with an appeal to go to your site. Of course, this is a paid service, but the trend is that today users are very fond of receiving social evidence before making decisions about buying a product or service. They trust people more than advertising, even if it was created using innovative methods.


As you can see, we have listed quite a few different ways to increase traffic to a business site. And all of them are quite effective. We recommend that you develop a comprehensive strategy and include all the possible methods there since each of them is also aimed at increasing sales in parallel with increasing traffic.

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