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How to Switch to Time Clock Software (The Easy Way)

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How to Switch to Time Clock Software (The Easy Way)

Upgrading Your Schedule Tracking From Analog Time Sheets Is As Simple as Choosing the Right Software

Making any sort of organizational shift in your company can be a long, time-consuming, and often frustrating process. It’s understandable why so many decision-makers stick to the old motto, “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it!” However, there does come a point when enough is enough. If your workplace scheduling technology is still pens and timesheets that are used to track attendance, it’s time to upgrade to time clock software.

But how can you adopt the latest time clock technology without causing yourself months of organizational headaches? The key is choosing the right time clock software for your business. The best options will:

  • Prevent buddy punching and other concerns that shrink your margins
  • Streamline the payroll process (your managers, supervisors, and HR team will thank you!)
  • Allow you to keep up with the competition
man counting money
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The right time clock software improves the accuracy of your attendance tracking efforts, which is great for your bottom line.

Choose a time clock software that is good for your bottom line.

As the owner or manager of a business, your goal is to keep your bottom line as healthy as possible. After all, that’s what allows your company to keep growing and you (as well as all of your employees!) to keep getting paid. Unfortunately, employees might engage in a few time tracking bad habits, which can add up to have a huge impact on your budget.

“Buddy punching,” for example, is the age-old trick of one employee covering for another by clocking them in for their shift before they actually arrive on site or clocking them out after they have already gone. In an ideal world, employees would all stick to the honor system, but in reality, buddy punching costs American companies millions of dollars each year.

Combine that with other bad habits employees might engage in — such as generously rounding their time up — and you have an accounting nightmare on your hands.

The right time clock software makes it possible to eliminate these sorts of issues by providing high-tech features like facial recognition, geo-fencing, and more.

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Without timeclock software, the people doing your payroll spend lots of unnecessary time confirming employee time sheets.
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Choose a time clock software that makes payroll easier for your team.

Whether you’re doing payroll yourself or you have another team member on the task, you know that it comes with its share of headaches. One of the biggest challenges managers and HR professionals face is confirming time sheets with employees.

Switching to a time clock software or time clock application eliminates human error, taking the need to double check time sheets out of the equation.

Plus, using software for payroll means that your expenses are updated automatically, so the days of waiting until the end of the week or the month to see what your payroll run will be are over.

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No matter how you strategize, it’s difficult to gain a competitive edge over your competition if your technology is out of date.
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Choose a time clock software that keeps you competitive.

At this point, time clock software has been around for quite some time, and innovations are being made to time clock software all the time. Chances are, if you aren’t taking advantage of evolving time clock software, someone else in your industry is.

If you don’t want to see your competition pull ahead of you, it’s important to remain competitive. That doesn’t mean you have to buy into every single new software or time clock trend, but it does mean if you’re still tracking employee attendance with pen and paper, you may have fallen behind the pack.

Luckily, catching up is as easy as finding a time clock software that has the features your business needs and making the leap.

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Choosing the right time clock software is the best way to make switching to a digital time tracking system go smoothly.
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Changing how you organize your business’s attendance tracking can be a challenge, but if you choose the right time clock software, it’s worth it. Keep these 3 things in mind when choosing your first time clock software, and we’re sure the switch will be a huge success!