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The Perfect Gift for A Co-worker

The Perfect Gift for A Co-worker
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Since the majority of the day is spent working, our social life and working life can get intertwined. Idle moments at the office are spent chatting about everything under the sun, thus learning more about each other. Some of our co-workers become our closest friends. Give them a nice birthday present on their special day. Create a budget and choose items that suit the recipients. Below are a few gift ideas for a co-worker: 

1. Healthy Snack Box

We can’t work hard to earn money yet neglect our health in the process. This would only cost us more in the end with medications and hospital bills. We won’t be able to enjoy the fruits of our labor if we become sickly. That’s why it’s important to stay fit and eat healthily. Of course, these can be difficult when you are drowning in work. Be a thoughtful co-worker and give out a healthy snack box as a gift

2. Monitor Mount

If you sit close to your co-worker, then you are in a good position to know whether they are having a hard time maintaining proper posture or not. You can see if they are straining their necks or arching their backs just to look at their screens. Help them achieve proper form and greater comfort by giving them a monitor mount. This is compatible with most monitors, but you can check first to be sure. They can clamp it on their desk for stability. It is possible to adjust screen distance, height, and tilt.   

3. Insulated Water Bottle

With so much work waiting to get done, most people don’t even have time to leave their desk and get water. Poor hydration can be detrimental to health and wellness. We all need several glasses a day, yet many fail to get half of their requirements. Provide your co-worker with an insulated water bottle that they can keep on their desk. Since it’s within reach, they can take sips whenever they want to. It will have a tight cap, so it’s spill-proof. 

4. Warm Jacket or Shawl

Offices can be very cold places to be in. The low temperatures are necessary to prevent the computers and servers from overheating. However, the employees can suffer if they are sensitive to the cold. This is common with women in offices. If you notice that your co-worker is always shivering, then you can give her a warm jacket for her birthday. Find a stylish design that fits her fashion sense. You could also give a shawl which is cheaper and more versatile. 

5. Blue Light Glasses

Blue light can harm our eyes over time. Office workers glued to their screens all day tend to be the most vulnerable to this issue. Many can feel the eyestrain while working, and it just gets worse as the years go by. Taking frequent breaks is recommended to give the eyes a chance to relax and recover. The use of blue light glasses is also a great strategy. This will filter much of the blue light to reduce the effects. Find one with a cool frame that suits the recipient.  

6. Noise-cancelling Earphones

Workers who are stationed in open cubicles have to deal with a lot of distractions from their environment. If your friend is having trouble concentrating, then he may need to block out all the noise in a literal sense. It’s hard to control what happens in the environment unless you’re the boss, but you can help in different ways. Give this person noise-canceling earphones so he can focus on his tasks and increase his productivity. Check out different products and read the reviews about their effectiveness. You might even want to get one for yourself. 

7. Paper-based Organizer

Workers who are juggling many projects need to be extremely organized to stay on track and avoid missing important deadlines. If your friend is having trouble getting things done, then consider giving him a paper-based organizer. This will provide clarity of mind and better project management. With a good system in place, this organizer could be a game-changer.

Featured Photo by Kindel Media from Pexels

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