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Simple ways to save some money in 2017

The beginning of a new year is a great time to adjust your habits and clean up your finances. While keeping on top of every penny may seem like a momentous task, there are many small yet effective ways to save money that won’t use up too much of your time but will minimise outgoings on your bills, banking, and home or property.

Bills and money

If you don’t already shop around for your utilities, it may be worth checking the prices of other energy suppliers to ensure that you’re still getting the best deal.

With The Guardian recently reporting an 8.5% price increase in electricity from EDF Energy, savvy switching is more worthwhile than ever.

The other ‘Big Six’ energy companies are also expected to raise their prices at some points in 2017. The lowest prices will depend on where you live and how much energy you use – you can find calculators online that will help you to compare prices.

In fact, price comparison websites such as comparethemarket.com and confused.com are useful in many areas. As well as shopping around to minimise your energy bill, it may also be worth your time to consider other options for your home or car insurance, internet providers and mobile phone operators. Don’t just settle with one company – keep researching and moving to find the best deal.

It may also be worth moving your money around in other ways – for example, consider moving to a fixed-rate mortgage while rates remain low, or switching your bank account. The Telegraph has a guide on introductory switching offers from various banks in 2017, with HSBC paying out £150 for switchers and another £15 with customers who stick with them for 12 months.

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Your home

If you are moving to a different home, renting, thinking of becoming a landlord or have recently acquired property, there are many ways that you can save money in the new year.

Research is key if you are selling a house – for example, when looking for the right estate agent. Work out who is in the best position to market your home correctly and efficiently. If you have inherited any property and are looking for a probate house sale, consider using a company such as Probate Purchasers, who will handle the selling of your house in a sensitive and speedy manner.

When moving house, consider your options carefully and keep updated on national and local trends in the market. Similarly, renting out property may be affected by changes brought about in 2017 – such as the changes to letting fees reported in the Guardian and announced in the autumn statement.

There are many ways to save money if you are willing to invest some time and energy into researching the best ways to do so. However, there are resources available for those who wish to get the best deal they can.

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