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Make Your Shabbat Celebration Delightful With Kiddush Wine Cup Set

Since 500 C.E., Jewish people have been honoring the tradition of Shabbat. A significant part of this celebration is the drinking of beverages. On this day, Jewish people recite prayers over the drink and food. In Jewish tradition, wine or other beverages are poured into a Kiddush wine fountain. After the recitation, every member of the family who takes part in the celebration drinks the wine through Kiddus wine cups. Thus, to serve the wine to each member, the Kiddush wine cup set has a crucial part of the Jewish home. 

Jewish Cultural Beliefs:

Jewish culture believes that when God created this universe, he continuously worked six days. He took a rest on the seventh day when he finished his job. Therefore, the seventh day is the day of enjoyment after hard work and the celebration of God’s creation. As Jewish people hold this religious belief, they also try to work hard for six days every week, and on the seventh day, they take a rest and celebrate the day. In Jewish culture, the celebrated day is the Shabbat day that comes every week from sunset on Friday to sundown Saturday. On this day, all family members come together and pray to God.

Recitation over a Beverage in the Kiddush Wine Cup Set:

Kiddush recitation is an essential part of the celebration of Shabbat in Jewish culture. This ritual provides not only inner peace but also is important for the sanctification of food and drinks. After the recitation, all members get a sip of the beverage primarily placed into the Kiddush wine fountain. Most Jewish families have a Kiddush wine cup set to serve the wine to every member of the family. Besides wine, people also use grape juices as a beverage. As the celebration of Shabbat occurs every week, therefore, every Jewish family needs Kiddush wine cup sets. Over the years, considering this cultural value, different manufacturers have prepared various types of Kiddush wine cup sets. Thus, these cup sets also have significant decoration value in Jewish families. 

The Design and Material of Kiddush Wine Cup Set:

According to Jewish culture, the drinking of the beverage brings purity to one’s life. Thus, every Jew gives importance to the drinking of wine or grape juice. For that reason, Kiddush cups have also become an essential part of the Jewish family. Manufacturers usually use silver to prepare the cups, and a decorative wooden box holds them. 

Manufacturers also focus on the exterior design of the cups, considering one’s personal taste. Besides several beautiful designs, different colorful Kiddush wine cup sets are available in the market. Even if you are not Jewish, you can also buy these cup sets for their beautiful design. You can also gift these cup sets to your friend or family member. However, before purchasing the Kiddush wine cup set, you need to think about the cup set’s durability, design, and aesthetic value. 

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