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5 things you can do this weekend in South Australia Getaway

Photo by Ryan Vand from Pexels

Let’s make your weekend awesome by suggesting some top ideas that you can do this weekend in South Australia getaways.  

South Australia Getaways destination ideas and overview 

In the winter season, South Australia becomes a cozy winter wonderland with dazzling hideaways places that are present over there.  

Below are some details and suggestions that you will surely love to visit- 

Pavilions at Lenswood, [ADELAIDE HILLS]

The scene is incredible gardens linked with the wind and heart of the Adelaide hills. While refreshing yourself with a soft drink would be unique, there is also a private hideaway for your precious moments. 

A continental breakfast and morning meals are provided each morning at the villa. With a hot tub, nearby hiking facility, and gardens present, there. 

Hamilton & Dune [KANGAROO ISLAND]

This place offers dual private villas at embay and 4.5 km white sandy beach for your outing, entertainment, and enjoyments. Catering is provided at three different levels [byself or hosted]. 

The dune house is equipped with luxurious features designed by South Australian architects. In contrast, the hamilton house is considered a family holiday home, just 100 meters away from the dune house. Both the cottages can accommodate larger groups very quickly with all the services. 

Mount Lofty House Hotel [ADELAIDE HILLS]

With just 10 minutes away from the Adelaide CBD, this hotel is the destination for luxury services and accommodation, from dining to spa, all the services are available. This house is now the most preferred place for luxurious parties and events. 

You can also explore a vast 30-acre estate that can fulfill your adventurous moods. It’s perfect for your large or smaller families/groups who are looking for some lavish parties. 


The ridgetop is located in Delamere (South Australia), with lovely garden views. It’s 29 km away from Victor Harbor. The continental meals are available each morning at the bed or table.  

A garden equipped with a barbecue and hiking/cycling facility for the guest is available. 

It’s perfect for those looking for a natural nature-based holiday as the ridgetop retreats provide such experiences from many past years.

Wineries in Langhorne:

Here are some of the best wineries in Langhorne Creek list where you can enjoy your peaceful wine moments with your friends and families. 

  1. Crossing Vineyards and Winery [Rated 3.5]
  2. Wine Regions [Rated 4.5]
  3. Vineyards of Union Ville [Rated 4.5]
  4. Hopewell valley vineyards [Rated 4.0]
  5. Rose Bank Winery [Rated 3.4]
longview winery
Image by Jo Spargo from Pixabay

Five things to do this weekend at the South Australia getaway:

#1 Glamping

Waking up in the morning with the sound of birds, not the noisy alarm, is a peaceful start to the day. You are lying in your comfiest bed surrounded by natural air forces of nature. 

If you want to enjoy nature’s outdoor comfort, glamping is the solution for this need. 

#2 Camping

If you want to create your paradise of peace and comfy services, then move to an off-the-track camping ground present in South Australia. Pack up your novels and woods and enjoy your novel’s imagination with the crackling wood fire, fall asleep under the blanket of the sky. All these are offered to the camping spots. 

#3 Hiking

Get a great view of the Conservation park located in Morialta, warm up your legs in the Deep Creek Conservation Park or climb up to Mount Lofty for amazing views. Experience the perfect real-life landscape of South Australia by hiking out in these locations. 

#4 Whale watching

Whale watching
Image by 1790462 on Pixabay

The winter season in South Australia is the perfect prime time for Whale watching through Kangaroo Island. Multiple Whale watching spots are available that provide a fantastic view of the ocean giants swimming in the cold water. 

#5 Road trips

Put your car windows down and tune up a melody song for your long road trip adventure that will bring your jaw down while viewing some of the best scenes and ocean views. You can also take a sip of the world-famous wine in Barossa. Drive up to the long roads where the leafy green valleys in the Adelaide Hills are waiting for you. 

Featured Photo by Ryan Vand from Pexels