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Gentleman’s Guide to Throwing a Bachelor Party

Bachelor Party
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Your closest friend has chosen you to be his best man. Along with the honor of standing with him as he makes this important step in his future, it’s also on you to plan a bachelor party he’ll never forget. The party will help him relax after weeks of wedding planning. It helps him celebrate this momentous step in his life.

What He’ll Like

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Photo by Yutacar on Unsplash
While you may enjoy strippers, he may not want to go to a strip club before his wedding. Before deciding on a type of event, think about what the groom will want to do before the big day. You might plan on using your home and invite waitresses and barmaids in racy outfits to serve dinner and drinks. You could go to a few classy, up-scale gentlemen’s clubs for strippers and drinking or a night out at a casino. If the groom is a bit reserved, you should cater to his desires and the limits set by the couple for his night out on the town. One of the better options out there is to use an agency like Covergirl, to get the strippers to come to you.Guest List

While making the guest list, consult the groom to see who will be available and who he wants to go to the bachelor party. His future father-in-law and the bride’s brothers should be included in the guest list. You don’t want to alienate her family. If you want to see your friend after his wedding, you’ll want to stay in her good graces.Choose the Date

The bachelor party should never be the night before the wedding. Depending on the activity, he could be flat-out exhausted or hung over the next day. Plan to have the party a few weeks before the wedding on a weekend where everyone can attend. Discuss it with the groom to find out his schedule too. A few weeks before the wedding will avoid all the last minute details and schedules for the event.Venue

The activity will dictate the venue. Be sure to make reservations in advance. You might have to put up a deposit to hold the space for your date. It’s important to plan for the transportation. You will have to contact a limo company weeks before the party to save the date. If there will be tons of drinking and partying, it’ll be essential to have a safe ride to bring everyone home.Invitations

If you’re having a formal kind of event, you should send out proper invitations to the people on your guest list. Otherwise, you can call them or send emails with the date, the venue and any costs that they’ll need to pay. The guests should pay their own portion of the venue and costs as well as part of the groom’s costs since he shouldn’t pay anything. Ask that the guests RSVP before the event with their checks.Whether it’s strip clubs, an outdoor activity he loves or an elegant dinner with close friends, the bachelor should be able to enjoy himself while the best man stays sober and responsible. He needs you to plan this day to unwind and celebrate, but he also needs you to make sure his future isn’t tarnished with bad behavior that will upset the bride.
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