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Gentleman’s Guide to Owning a Share in a Race Horse

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A well heeled man does not have to use bookies or bookmakers to enjoy the pageantry of the horse races. A race horse is a long term investment that can see dividends for a decades or more. The invitation to invest in a race horse is a serious one, and you should understand how a gentleman would go about investing in a race horse. These tips were provided by our friends at freebookmakerbets.com.au.

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Photo by Jeff Griffith on Unsplash

#1: The Invitation

Gentlemen who receive invitations to invest in race horses are welcome to put varying amounts of money in the horse. Some owners will ask you to spend a certain amount of money that is the equivalent of an even number. Gentlemen could be asked to purchase anywhere from 10 percent to 50 percent of the horse. Some horses have several minority owners, or you could be the one minority that owns a small portion of the horse.

#2: Research The Breeding

You need to know who the horse is, how the horse was bred and the record of its mother and father. Mares will race from time to time, and you may discover a horse has a racing mare for a mother. Nearly all race horses have a race horse for a father. You should look into the record of the father, how much money the father earned and how much it costs to stud with that father. A father that has greater prestige gives the son a better chance of being a great race horse.

#3: Research The Horse’s Record

You want to invest in a horse that is already doing well. You can choose to take a risk on a horse that has not run yet, but investing in a horse that is already successful is a safer bet.

#4: Where Is The Horse Running?

You want to know where the horse will be running, how often the horse will be run and how the horse is trained. You can learn about the prestigious races that the horse will enter in, and you can estimate how much money the horse can win. You are going to receive a portion of any purse that the horse wins, and you could make a large amount of money if the horse is winning big races.

#5: The Team

The team that runs the horse may garner sponsorships and other publicity that will increase the profits you see from the horse. You will receive payments from sponsor checks, donors to the team and from prizes given if your team performs well over a large number of races.

#6: Retirement

Horses get more valuable after they retire, and a successful horse can make a great deal of money in the breeding market. The fees that are paid for the horse to father more colts can be very high, and you will receive some of this money.

A race horse is a long term investment that will offer you massive returns in the future. You will see great races when the horse is young, but you could earn money on the horse for up to 20 years after the horse is retired.

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