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Gentleman’s Guide to Betting at the Races

Gentleman's Guide to Betting at the Races
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Betting at the races is intimidating if you have never been before. Every gentleman should have a basic knowledge of how to bet on the horses at the races. You do not need to know everything that the handicappers know, but you need to know how to hold your own around the people who invited you. Consider each item below before you head to the races so that you can talk to the bookies, your friends and other patrons with confidence.

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Photo by Chris Kendall on Unsplash

#1: The Races

You need to go to the track with the understand that there will be many races that day. You do not have to bet on every race, and the best handicappers only bet on races that they believe they can win. Someone who betting on every race has a gambling problem, and you do not want to make it look as if you are one of those people. Placing a few well-timed bets is more than enough to give the impression that you have done this many times over.

#2: The Horses And Jockeys

The horses and jockeys at the track all have a record and history. You can study the horses and jockeys before you go to the track. You can learn who the most successful jockeys are, and you can learn the record of the most successful horses. Every race has a few favorites that you can lean on while you are betting. You want to find the horses and jockeys who are most successful. They provide you with the best chance to win, and you can place simple bets on these races.

#3: The Bets

The bookmakers at the window only take the bets that you place. They offer no information, and they hold very stern business transactions with you. The betting window is not a place where you can have a conversation, and the line at the window is often very long. You tell the bookie the race the number of the race you are betting on, the horse you are betting on and the amount. You can bet on a horse to win, place and show if you like, but you do not have to make complicated bets. Betting on only the winner is a good place to start. A more adventurous bettor may choose to bet small amounts of money on their favorite horse to win, place and show as a security net.

#4: Watching The Races

You can watch the races with your friends from any location at the track. The most gentlemanly way to watch the races is at the bar. You can have a whiskey and soda at the bar, or you can drink club soda while you have your meal. Gentleman do not yell at the horses and bang their racing forms on the rails along the track. Sit back when you go to the track, and enjoy the atmosphere of the place as a whole.

Going to the races with your friends is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon, but you need to know how to place your bets. Bet wisely on certain races, have a drink at the bar and enjoy the company of your friends.

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