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How Much Does It Cost for a Plumbing Service?

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How Much Does It Cost for a Plumbing Service?

Whether you own your own home, rent an apartment, or manage a residential property, you’re going to need the number of a good plumbers in your phone as you will eventually need a plumbing service. Professional plumbers can assist you with everything from fixing a leaky tap to installing solar hot water to re-plumbing the entire house.

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As always, the big question is this: how much will my plumber cost? Well, how long is a piece of string? Depending on their experience, where you live, and the type of work you’re getting them to do, a plumber can vary significantly in price. In this article, we’ve pulled out some of the critical numbers to give you an idea of how much a plumber will cost for various services, as well as some other key points about hiring a plumber.

Let’s get started.

Straight to the Numbers: What Will I Be Paying to Hire a Plumber?

Here are a few of the costs you’ll be looking at when you hire a plumbing service:

According to hipages, the average cost of a plumber will range from $60 for your standard visit to $12,000 to install a hot water system, and $20,000 to replace an entire drainage system.

We told you those numbers vary.

But those few figures don’t tell the full story. For example, while a solar hot water system may cost up to $12,000 to install, the average low point is just $3,500. And if you’re replacing a hot water system that isn’t solar, you’re generally looking at somewhere between just $1,000 and $5,000.

For a quick callout, expect your plumber to charge around $60 as a low point. This is a good starting point for cases like fixing a leaking tap. The price is bound to increase based on the complexity of the case, the amount of workmanship involved, and the plumbing hardware they need to source.

Replacing a tap or a showerhead may only end up costing a few hundred dollars, while a full bath or toilet installation may come closer to $500. If you already have the hardware and just need someone to install it, this would undoubtedly save you some money.

As you can see, the cost of hiring a plumber can vary greatly, but there are ways to keep the costs down.

Keeping the Cost Down When Hiring a Plumber

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We’ve already mentioned one way to keep your costs low when hiring a plumber. If you already have the equipment you want to install, you don’t need to pay your plumber to source it for you, or you can try and DIY some smaller plumbing tasks. However, selecting a new bath or shower may be something you want to do alongside your plumber, and the cost of sourcing hardware independently won’t always add up. That’s why it’s still best to do your math.

Speaking of math, always contact plumbers for quotes and make some comparisons before the job. Unless you’re in any urgent or emergency plumbing situation, you should always take that extra time to compare costs. Some plumbers will offer you a fixed-price guarantee for certain services. This isn’t necessarily good for comparison and negotiation purposes, but it does give you peace of mind that you know exactly how much your job will cost.

Peace of mind is critical when it comes to plumbing costs, so look for a professional who offers upfront pricing and no hidden fees. As well as talking the talk, they should be able to prove that their plumbing service is entirely transparent. Don’t be afraid to ask a plumber about their upfront pricing promise. 

The next thing you should look for to keep costs down is guarantees. A good warranty is worth its weight in gold. It means the plumber will come back and fix any faults that fall under the guarantee free of charge.

Finally, many plumbers offer promotions and vouchers, such as mentioning an ad to get some money off, or referral bonuses when you recommend friends or family to the same company. Look out for these deals to save some money on your plumbing.

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What Should I Look for in a Plumbing Service and How Will That Affect the Cost?

The first thing to consider when hiring a plumber is that they offer the exact service you need. Look for a plumber who can provide a comprehensive range of services, so you only ever need to call one number. Services to look for include:

  • Blocked drain services: including pipe relining and repair, cleaning, CCTV & tree root removal
  • Hot water system installation, servicing, and repairs
  • Leaking toilet repairs and new toilet installations
  • Leaking tap repairs and new tap installations, including mixer taps
  • Burst and leaking pipe repair
  • Gas fitting: including gas line and fixture installations, gas leak repairs & carbon monoxide testing

A plumber who offers a more comprehensive range of services may charge a little more. Also, more specialized services like pipe relining and CCTV inspections may come at a premium. However, what you get in return is peace of mind that you have a plumber you can always trust. And remember, you can always compare prices and negotiate if the prices are too high. 

Other Things to Look for in a Plumber 

  • Fully licensed and insured
  • Same-day services and 24/7 emergency plumbing
  • Written quotes before the job
  • Members of the Master Plumbing Association (they are Master Plumbers)
  • Years of experience

In general, most of the things that you look for in a plumber shouldn’t come at a premium price. However, urgent jobs – especially 24-hour emergency plumbing – will usually come with some surcharge. As well as this, registered Master Plumbers and other highly experienced plumbers may come at a small premium, but you should expect a higher quality of work in return.

Hire an Affordable, Experienced Plumber Today

Now that you have some idea of what a plumbing service should cost, it’s time to hire your plumber! Remember to look for an experienced, licensed, qualified, and insured professional to do the job for you. For large jobs, we especially recommend seeking at least three quotes to try and drive the price down.

Remember that prices will vary and that this article is only a guide. But with the right information and a little bit of extra effort, you can be sure that you’re getting a good deal next time you call a plumber!

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