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Cool Tech Gifts for Teens They’ll Love

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Cool Tech Gifts for Teens They’ll Love

Tech gifts are always popular with the younger generation, but if you don’t tend to keep up with the latest trends and new releases, you might not know what will appeal to them. We are here to help with these cool tech gifts –you’re sure to find something they will love! Whether they like robots or music, we’ve aimed to cater to all your amazing tech toys. For kids, GPS watches we recommend superwatches.com.  And if you’re still searching for the perfect tech gift ideas after reading below and need further inspiration check out Amazon where you can find the latest gift ideas for girls and boys of all ages easily categorized by price, age, and brand. Top Gift Ideas for Teenagers.


1. Waterproof Shower Speaker

Many teenagers love to listen to music, and this handy device allows them to do so with ease even when they’re in the bathroom. The sound quality is excellent from this little Bluetooth speaker despite its small size. It is completely waterproof so can be used just about anywhere –in the shower, at the pool or when outdoors with friends. The speaker is also fitted with lights which can change from one color to another, remain solidly on one color, or be switched off entirely.

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2. Charger for Apple Watch and iPhone

If you’re buying for a teen who has several Apple products, this stand is a great way to charge them all at the same time, and provides an excellent organizer for their desk. The stand can charge an iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods all at the same time. What’s more, the phone rests at an angle which is perfect for watching videos or using FaceTime –something your teen is sure to do quite often! The phone can be charged when it’s in its case for maximum convenience. This is a really useful gift which makes a teenager’s life just a little bit easier.


3.Mini Projector

Teenagers love watching movies, and this projector makes their viewing experience a lot more enjoyable. It can be used to project to a size of between 32” to 170”, and the ideal distance for projecting is around 6.5’, although it will work at a closer or further distance. The projector sets up easy by simply using a cable to connect a smart phone, before selecting your movie and pressing play! It is equipped with fans for cooling, but also has noise-suppression technology to ensure the sound of the video can easily be heard over the running noise of the projector. The projector even comes with a carrying case which is excellent for taking it to a friend’s house for the next movie night!

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4.Anki Vector Robot

Our final cool tech gifts pick is this awesome, helpful robot from Anki. Known as Vector, this robot is full of personality and is voice-activated. By using voice control, Vector can answer your questions as well as tell you the weather and even take photos. It’s also compatible with Amazon Alexa, so it can perform even more advanced functions such as controlling the lights and speakers. The robot can recognize people and has sensors to avoid obstacles when moving around. Vector uses the Cloud to constantly update, so he’s always learning new skills. The robot can even ‘see’, and has a camera to allow him to remember and identify different people. It also knows when it’s running low on charge and will take itself to the charger, so it’s one of those ideal gifts for teens who always forget to charge their devices! There are even sensors in the robot which allow it to ‘feel’ when it’s being stroked!

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