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The Classy Bachelor Party Ideas Not To be Missed

Typically a bachelor party is a celebration of a man’s last night of freedom before entering into marriage. Over the years trends have come and gone but the bottom line is a bachelor party can just be an overrated glorified night out. It’s normally down to the best man to organize, and a lot of grooms can be quite relaxed about what they end up doing. However, I thought it would be fun to share with you some alternative ideas to a standard bachelor party. Days, nights out, or weekends that have a touch of class about them. While still providing a lot of fun and banter. With that in mind, here are some suggestions:

A brewery tour or wine tasting event

Depending on where you go and what you decide upon, a brewery tour or wine tasting can make for a great bachelor party choice. While making sure you all have a few drinks, it gives you something alternative to think about and do. This might be learning how beer is made, or how to test the differences between popular wine choices. Once the tours are over it’s down to the taste tests. This could be the whole event or something you do before a night out somewhere. Either way, it can be an excellent alternative bachelor party.

A day at the horse races

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A lot of groups of friends like a reason to smarten themselves up and a day at the races can be an excellent reason to do it. It’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy a few beverages while placing a few cheeky bets on the races. You could even share todays horse racing tips, so you all get a chance of winning a few stakes. It’s a great way to develop a little competition amongst yourselves. Some horse racing takes place locally to a city so you could combine it with a more standard bachelor party idea and head out into the town afterwards.

Rent a house on the beach for the weekend

Sometimes a bachelor party is a perfect excuse to get together and unwind. So a weekend at the beach could be the best alternative bachelor party. Renting a whole house means you can all stay under the same roof. Giving you plenty of options to fill your time. You might want to organise a gathering at the house, perhaps extend your festivities on to the breach. Or just enjoy a few days away from normal life.

A theatre and food tasting evening

If your groom is into performing arts, then a trip to the theatre could be right up his street. This is possibly the most alternative idea for a bachelor party you have to remember that it’s about what interests the groom and not the masses. You could combine the theatre trip with a food tasting evening at a top restaurant. This type of bachelor party would be best in smaller numbers.

A sightseeing city break

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Finally, a new trend is to take a trip away for a weekend. So if you want to add a touch of class to that then choose a city break over some of the more boozy offerings. Adding a touch of culture to the celebration you could take the opportunity to see some of the famous sights of your chosen location. While still enjoying everything a bachelor party has to offer.

I hope this has inspired you to think outside of the box if you have a bachelor party to organize.

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