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What can you buy with spending a single bitcoin?

What can you buy with spending a single bitcoin?
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

If you still think that making an investment in bitcoin is a waste of time and energy, you are mistaken, my friend! Bitcoin has witnessed a record high in the last few years. The currency witnessed a false start, but it continued to rally. You will be excited to know that a single unit of bitcoin costs almost $1300 at present. If you are thinking about what you can purchase by spending a single unit of bitcoin, we have the answers. In this article, we have mentioned every little thing that you can buy if you have just a single unit of bitcoin. 

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Get 70K+ hours of Netflix.

Yes, you read it right. If you are not in a mood to rebalance your portfolio, you can use it to get a Netflix subscription. It is worth over a grand. Thus, you can treat yourself by getting a Netflix subscription. You will get thousands of hours of streaming by spending a single unit of bitcoin. Netflix offers its premium service for $11.99 per month. Thus, you can get more than eight years of Netflix subscription by paying a single unit of bitcoin. Thus, get ready to get 77,431 hours of delicious content on Netflix by investing in bitcoins.

Lots of Pizza

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For all pizza lovers out there, we have got great news for you. You can have delicious pizzas by investing in bitcoins. Today 10,000 bitcoin is worth 12.8 million. Thus, one bitcoin will help you in getting lots of pizzas. Papa Johns has a deal for two medium pizzas with two toppings for $14 each. The taxes and the delivery fee may make the calculation a bit complicated. But, you can get enough pizzas by spending a single bitcoin.

Four hoverboard

Well, hoverboards are on sale for $299, and you can easily get some fun by purchasing four hoverboards with a single bitcoin.

3 to 6 ounces of weed

Although the price of marijuana can vary from one state to the others but, as per the price data of weed, spending a single bitcoin will enable you to get 6 ounces in the cheapest market. Thus, get high by purchasing weed.

Flight across the world

Ditch the screen and think about doing something for real. What about traveling? Yes, one bitcoin can help you in taking flight across the world. You can take the Delta flight from LaGuardia to Shanghai and back for just $1100. 

67.9 Ethereum

Are you in a mood to make an interesting investment in something more exciting than Gold? If yes, get ready to dive deeper into the world of cryptocurrency and pick up 67.9 ethereum with a single bitcoin. The data is available as per the price available from Kraken. Ethereum has shown a promise of executing smart contracts. The blockchain application of ethereum can enable entrepreneurs to set up self-executing companies. 


If you are not interested in investing in gold, we have got an amazing option for you. One dollar value of bitcoin can enable you to buy five shares of SPDR S&P. Thus, just by having a single unit of bitcoin, you can get 5 SPIEs.

An ounce of Gold

You may be surprised to know that the price of bitcoin now is higher than the price of an ounce of Gold. As per the latest data, the price of a single bitcoin was around $1260, while the price of one ounce of gold stands at $1226. The gap will widen further. Thus, you can also use bitcoin to invest in gold.

Many people want to spend on gold as gold offers a good hedge against uncertainty. It is an ancient store of value as compared to securities and physical currencies. Bitcoin is not a physical currency but, it is getting importance equivalent to gold.

With all this information, you don’t need to worry whether you can buy something by investing in bitcoins or not. All you need is bitcoin and the need to purchase these things. Let us know if you want more tips about making an investment in bitcoins.

Featured Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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