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Using The Internet To Boost Your Real Estate Business

Just like everything else in the known universe, things are migrating to the digital realm in the real estate business.

Often real estate industry veterans feel like the ground is moving under them because the world is changing so rapidly these days, and newcomers to the business feel overwhelmed by all the possibilities.

But fear not. We feel that this brave new world of internet marketing ultimately will prove to be very beneficial indeed, both for customers and for brokers. We are going to give you some tips, including website design, blogging, and even SEO tips for real estate brokers.

Social Media Presence:

More and more of our lives are spent on social media. This means that, as a real estate broker, you have to go there too, because that’s where your buyers and sellers happen to be “living”.

Your job as a broker has always been about successfully building relationships with people, and this in fact has not changed one bit. The methods for building those relationships, however, have changed, and dramatically at that.

Just remember to use a business page on Facebook, for example, to do the actual buying and selling, posting of listings etc. and keep your personal page linked to it, but try to keep the business content off of it. People who post listings etc. on their personal pages may wind up alienating people, and in addition it is technically a TOS violation, and can lead to your account being shut down.

Video Is King:

If a photo is worth a thousand words, how many photos are worth one good quality video? Answer, we don’t know but the figure is exponential!

Serious real estate brokers will want to commit to being the best out there. Depending on your local jurisdiction’s laws and your own proclivities, this could mean buying a good quality drone, (importantly, one that can stay steady in the air), or hiring a drone professional to take shots of your listings.

People these days absolutely adore being able to see aerial shots of the property and the surrounding neighborhood on the internet. They also adore being able to take virtual tours of your listings from the comfort of their homes. You love this too, as a bit of initial work can save you the gas and time of actual showings. These days, it’s easier than ever to sometimes even close on a home without having had to so much as show it!

All About SEO:

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it’s absolutely key that you fully understand this concept before engaging in any online marketing.

SEO is how people are going to find you on the internet. You must fine tune your online presence, especially your website and home blog (if you are not blogging you need to start!), in order to bring the kind of directed traffic that you want to bring to you.

The good news is that, once you pass this little initial learning curve, this will be an immense help to you. You will find it easier than ever to attract pre-qualified buyers and a much better class of sellers just by setting things up the right way.

This article tells you everything you need to know to get started, so read it carefully. But honestly, SEO is a complex subject. We recommend you know at least the basics so you can know what you’re getting into, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with hiring the right professionals to really take your SEO and other aspects of Internet marketing to the next level.

As you can see, the online world is complicated, but presents the savvy real estate broker with the possibility of being able to do better than ever if properly navigated. So ask yourself, will this person be you or will it be the next guy first? The decision is completely yours!

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