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Top 5 2022’s Fastest Growing Industries in Canada.

Top 5 2022’s Fastest Growing Industries in Canada.
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The world we live in is constantly changing. Now and then, there are new advancements in technology, healthcare, and business, which, in turn, affect our economy. In a bid to find secure positions in successful and stable industries, many people want to hold a job in a fast-growing industry. In turn, this enables them to earn a higher salary and get more career advancement opportunities. This article will look at 5 of the fastest growing industries in Canada.

Canadian casinos and online gambling

Over the past two years, the cad casinos and the online gambling industry have experienced drastic growth. More and more players continue to place their bets on various online gambling platforms for entertainment purposes. Thus, Canada has become one of the online gambling giants in the world as it generates over $15 billion in revenue annually. Currently, the market size of cad casinos and online gambling is valued at $13 billion.


Another booming industry in Canada is the cryptocurrency market. When it comes to accepting and embracing crypto, Canada is one of the most progressive states as the government departments, and various banks continue to embrace this fundamental change in monetary systems. For instance, Canada is home to the Canadian KFC stores where people can easily purchase the Bitcoin Bucket, which is basically buying food with bitcoin.


Generally, Canada is the second jurisdiction to legalize the use and growth of Cannabis for recreational purposes. As a result, several savvy investors have backed cannabis growers in the region, and various experts predict that this industry will experience increased stability in 2022. According to some recent reports, 1.5 million Canadians tried Cannabis in its first year of legalization. In addition, a whopping 7.5 million Canadians will use it for recreational purposes within the next five years.


eCommerce is a booming industry in almost every state in the world right now. This could be because of, but not limited to:

  • Increase in eCommerce vendors
  • Cheaper online deals and promotions
  • Fast and convenient
  • We live in a digital era primarily consisting of rampant download culture.

The eCommerce industry influences employment opportunities in warehouses, call centers, logistics, retails, and manufacturers.

Primary healthcare

Thanks to enhanced health care systems, Canadians are living longer and healthier lives. According to the Canadian government, there will be approximately 9.5 million Canadian residents over 65 years in 2030, comprising 23% of the population. This means that age care professionals and healthcare workers will be in demand for a long time, with increased job stability with no near end in sight. Soon, the state, like many other countries, will call out for experts with aged care knowledge like the end of life skills and dementia qualifications.

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Final thoughts

Investors with a long-term view or people looking for stable jobs can consider joining or investing in any of the five mentioned industries above. In turn, this will allow these players to capitalize on the expected growth of these industries.  This will further economic development for Canada.

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