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How To Outsource Large Projects


Any time a large project is presented, it can be overwhelming and it also can be difficult to decide how to get started. Outsourcing projects has become a great method in dealing with situations like this. Of course, you can hire a freelancer, but the question of the day will be – can a freelancer handle a large project? What most companies do not realize is that a freelancer most of the time has multiple clients, therefore one individual is trying to juggle several different tasks at once. Also, you need to realize that a freelancer may not have the time or enough experience to handle all of the different facets that your large project might require. What would be better? Would hiring a dedicated development team be the way to go?

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Benefits of Hiring a Development Team

Hiring a development team is the way to go if you have a large project. One of the main reasons why is you need to have a skilled team that understands first off the requirements of your project, but you also need to have all of your deadlines met. There needs to be a road map developed, so that you are able to know exactly where your project is at while everything is being handled. You also want to have a contract and a budget.  Having a project manager handle everything from start to finish is a great way to go, because you will be able to not only be kept up-to-date with everything, but you also be able to focus on other things while your project is being handled.

Another benefit of hiring a large development team is the fact that you will not need to spend countless hours trying to find a freelancer. If you were to try to find a freelancer for your large project, you would have to go to several freelancing websites. These websites are flooded with lots of spam accounts, which is wasting your time and the time of all of the other employers trying to find freelancers. If you use Craigslist – it is very hard to find a reliable person or a freelancer that can actually do the job correctly. Even if you review a resume or a CV, you still cannot 100% guarantee that the references or even the former jobs or freelancing projects are accurate. When you go with a development team – you can ask for references and ask for examples of prior projects to see exactly what they have experience in and what they are able to do. Most of the time these larger development teams that take on large projects already anticipate and expect to be asked these questions. A professional company or a professional development team will provide you their portfolio of their work. This is a great way to gauge the level of experience and you will be able to assess whether or not a team can handle your large project.


Keep in mind that these development teams also may outsource their work and hire freelancers, but that is okay for you. They specifically have team members that are trained to go and find a freelancer or freelancers to complete your project, but they are handled by the development team.  The most important thing you can do is be sure that you have your project properly understood by everyone. It is up to the development team to make a decision on who they think is going to be best suited for your project.

Planning Your Large Project

The big question of the day is always going to be when should you finally decide to hire a dedicated developer? When you are looking at a project and you realize that it is going to be a huge one, the first thing you need to do is make sure that you understand the project and what is involved. After that, you hire an experienced development team and you thoroughly go over your expectations and what you want for the end result. That is really important to do that you make sure the communication between yourself and the project manager is solid. If you have your own project manager for your own company, then you need to be sure that your project manager understands that there needs to be constant communication, so that you are aware of anything that might arise. From time to time you can expect a few glitches when it comes to a large project. This is something that naturally happens and it takes some brainstorming to come up with a solution. That is why the communication part is essential, because you want your dedicated development team to be able to immediately contact you or your project manager for a discussion.

Where To Start

For many startup companies or even digital companies – a light bulb comes on and there is an idea that needs to be implemented, but there is absolutely no clue of how to get started. This is the perfect example of when you want to consult with a development team. Many of these individuals have already participated in start up companies and they know how to take an idea, then execute the idea on paper. That is a really big part of any type of startup idea. It is the “how to” part that will make everyone get frustrated or not know how to really get started. Or, if you are thinking about starting an app or you want to design an app, but you are not sure exactly how to approach something like this. There are many digital development teams that work remotely that will be able to help you out. The main thing you need to remember is that you get a contract signed and that you also have a nondisclosure agreement signed as well from everybody that will be working on your project.  Once you have your team together, you can sit back and wait for all of the updates. The main objective though is to keep good communication with your development team project manager.

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