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10 Attention-Grabbing Tricks of Web Designers that Will Be Interesting for Your Business

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The website is one of the key elements for any successful business. Besides providing valuable information to the users, you also need to find a way to attract their attention. In a world where everything revolves around technology and a lot of tricks have been used up, it can be hard to think of something exciting to add to your website design.

However, there are a few ways to customize your website and really leave a lasting impression. The following ten tricks will teach you how some of the best web designers achieve to create an eye-catching web design.

1. Simplicity

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Web designers and website owners sometimes tend to overthink the design and load it with too many add-ons. It should be quite the opposite. Simplicity works best as an attention-grabber.

If you use excess graphics, type, and colors it will turn your users away. A complicated design is very hard to read and understand and will distract the users from what actually matters.

That is why simplicity is the trick that can surprise many. A simple design will keep users on your website for a longer time because it is direct and keeps your website priorities in order.

2. Contrast of colors

Color contrast is one of the certain ways to get the website visitor’s attention.

Emphasize what you want with a completely different color than your website background.

For example, use a certain color theme and then add a button such as call-to-action that is of a contrasting color in comparison to the rest of the page. This can draw tons of attention.

Just be very careful about the balance of colors. Using bright on bright colors can be confusing and even disturbing for the site’s visitors.

Apply the principles of the color wheel to make sure that you are using the right color combination.

3. Video background

Who says that you have to use only still and dull backgrounds? Blow the minds of your website visitors by incorporating captivating video backgrounds.

It can even help your visitor to better understand what your business is all about. Just make sure to choose media that accurately represents what you do.

Another way to use video background to provoke interest is to make it vague enough to keep your visitors curious. A video background that flirts with different possibilities of what you do can actually make the site visitor explore your website furthermore.

With the continuing popularity and rising effectiveness of video, it would be a good strategy to use it for the website aspect which the visitors encounter first.

According to some research, the average user’s visit to a website with just text and static images is 43 seconds. For pages with videos, that number rises to 5 minutes and 50 seconds. This means that the video increases engagement for 88%.

4. The power of animation

There is just something about moving images that gets us focused on what they are portraying. Use that to your benefit and add some animation to the website design.

From an animated header and moving icons to flashing messages indicating important information, it’s safe to say that enticing animation won’t allow the users to forget about your website.

The key is to decide what aspect should pop out and then add an animation effect to it. Don’t use animation for every element of the website because that will just be overwhelming.

5. High-impact words

There are some words that will grab the user’s attention more than others. The reason why this happens is that there are some hard-wired responses that our brain will have read those words.

Here are some of the words that evoke interest in people and get them to take action:

  • You
  • Now
  • Free
  • Best
  • Fast
  • How to
  • Improve
  • Top
  • Need

Combine these words with your topic to create effective target key phrases.

You can even use Keyword Planner to see how many people are searching for that phrase and then improve it accordingly.

6. Evoke the emotions

When you reach out to the emotional side of people it instantly gets them more interested in what you are saying and makes your brand memorable.

Whether you’ll add a touching image or text that just hits the right spot, try to evoke a certain feeling in the site’s visitors.

Advertisers often use words, phrases, and overall written communication that is intended to inspire emotion in the reader.

If you need some help with creating a powerful and emotional copy, you can always find custom essay writing service and compose something great with the help of professional writers.

7. Organization of elements

How you organize your website page and the information that you offer is crucial for an attention-grabbing website.

Context-sensitive information should be placed in the right place at the right time. Give your users the chance to follow their path of interest.

A great example of placing the content of interest at the right time is adding suggested products on the side of the website when buying something in an online store.

If you don’t use strategy when placing the website elements you may quickly lose the users’ attention.

8. Parallax scrolling

Lure your visitors in by adding dimension to your site. Parallax scrolling can be your tool for making that happen.

Parallax refers to the popular scrolling effect when your website’s background image moves slower than an image placed in the foreground.

One of the variations on parallax scrolling is infinite scrolling that allows information to appear as you scroll down. This creates an aesthetically pleasing effect and also has that modern, abstract vibe.

By giving some strong visuals with textual information, you’ll inspire people to take action.

If you need some ideas, take a look at these 31 best parallax websites to inspire you in 2019.

9. Add a touch of humor

Who doesn’t love to have a little laugh? So adding a little bit of humor can be your winning choice to get the visitors’ attention.

There are various ways to incorporate humor into your website design. Add a little joke to your homepage, include a funny gif, post a humorous picture, or whatever comes to your mind.

This is the time for you to let your creativity run wild!

If you manage to provoke a little laugh in your visitors, they’ll recognize your originality and want to see what more do you have to say.

10. Clever text and image combination

text and image combination 1024x768 - 10 Attention-Grabbing Tricks of Web Designers that Will Be Interesting for Your Business

Make the images and text partners who’ll work together to achieve your goal. The clever duet between text and image will get the visitors to appreciate your effort. It will also interest them to do some further research on your website.

The placement and arrangement of your text in relation to your image can make or break a design. What you can do is to simply add an image that’ll completely follow what you are saying in the content. It can be funny, thoughtful, intriguing, or whatever you like.

Use this brilliant collaboration of text and image to make an instant and lasting impression.

Over to you

There are many principles we can apply in web design in order to raise the attention of visitors. That is why this list will hopefully help you to get inspired by this dive into attention-grabbing elements in web design.

Just remember that you need to choose only a few elements or tricks or even just one. If you try to combine them all, you’ll drive the users away. So, get strategic, choose what works for you best, and get ready to mesmerize the visitors with your awesome website design!

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