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9 Celebrities who Enjoy Gambling Above Other Past times

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Top 9 Celebrities who Enjoy Gambling for Money

We usually tend to glorify the Hollywood celebrities and American stars who have earned our respect and admiration for the marvelous jobs and legacies they left behind in the most popular industries in the world. Nevertheless, as much as they’ve done to build the reputation and create a perfect image in ordinary people’s eyes, their extravagant desires brought them into the gambling world. You will be shocked to learn about a decent number of celebrities who enjoy gambling and are seriously engaged in spinning roulette wheels and testing their poker skills. Hop in and find our top nine celebrities who suddenly became serious gamblers. 

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Michael Jordan

Arguably the best player to have ever played basketball, Michael Jordan made gambling a part of the daily routine at the end of his career. Air Jordan even put the United States’ gold medal at the 1992 Olympics at stake by testing his acting skills at poker tables until the early morning hours in local casinos in Barcelona. A brutal scorer went as far as betting his teammates on who would be the first to receive their luggage at the airport. So, you should assume that he’s still active since NJ sports betting got legal and most of the US regulated betting. His craps losses in Las Vegas exceeded $5 million, while the all-time great was also known for a massive $1.25 million loss on golf bets. 

Michael Phelps

We’ll stay in the world of sports as one of the most successful American athletes turned his poker passion to a serious addiction by spending almost $500,000 at the poker tables. Michael Phelps holds the record number of Olympic gold medals. He was extremely passionate about poker when he first discovered it, but he quickly moved from micro to high stakes. Luckily, his gambling and drinking vices did not affect the performances in the pool, where he was the dominant figure in his disciplines for almost two decades. 

Pamela Anderson

Allegedly, the Baywatch star lost $250,000 in a single session when she sat at a poker table with the American professional Antonio Esfandiari back in 2007 in Sin City. Even though the blonde bombshell made fortunes in Hollywood, her acting skills were not much of a help at poker tables. Other than the mentioned loss to Esfandiari, there are no reports of her losing some serious cash, but there are no doubts the acting star loves Las Vegas lights. However, she also likes to give back as her Pamela Anderson foundation goes out of its way to collect money for good causes even from the likes of Vladimir Putin. 

Ashton Kutcher

Unlike the stars mentioned above, Ashton Kutcher made serious cash from sports betting. The face of “Dude Where’s My Car” was the leading man in the largest sports betting syndicate in the United States. Reportedly, he was part of the group that discovered the way to shift point spreads to their advantage. Kutcher made millions on behalf of the group, and sportsbooks ultimately stopped accepting his bets. 

Ben Affleck

An Academy Award winner (actor, screenwriter, and director) is another example of how everyone can get involved in gambling addiction. Despite being a super successful Hollywood actor, he had to go through the rehab process in 2001 following the addiction to alcohol and gambling. Nonetheless, we have to mention his successes at poker tables given the “Good Will Hunting” star won the 2014 California State Poker Championship.

Victoria Coren-Mitchell

Outstanding writing and presenting skills made Victoria super famous in the United Kingdom. She tested the waters in other fields, poker tournaments, namely, only to discover additional skills. Coren-Mitchell became the first female to win a European Poker Tour title back in 2006. Her total winnings exceed $3 million. 

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Tiger Woods

The most popular golfer in the history of the game has tagged along with Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley in Sin City. He is one of the rare owners of a $1 million betting limit at the MGM Grand. According to some pundits, his all-time losses exceed $50 million. 

Charles Barkley

One of the all-time basketball greats, Charles Barkley, enjoys several different gambling disciplines. He allegedly lost $1 million more than 30 times. A six-hour blackjack session saw him lose over $2.5 million once. The big man is widely known in sports betting circles as well. 

Toby Maguire

The Spiderman star took the time to go through poker strategies with the game’s most prominent names, such as Daniel Negreanu. There are rumors that he generated $10 million in revenue from poker tournaments in his life.

Wouldn’t you love to enjoy gambling to excess like these celebrities who enjoy gambling! Maybe if I had enough money I’d give it a try.

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