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Shaving Creams vs. Soaps

It’s not a secret that your face will thank you for using better products, especially for the morning shaving ritual.  Everywhere you look, the...

The Importance of Quality Shaving Cream

When I first started shaving as a young teenager, I was armed with a exceedingly simple set-up: Gillette disposal razor and Gillette "goo in...

The Fall Guy

Such an inconvenient truth that we have to face, although begrudgingly, that summer’s end is upon us; alas face it we must. Gone are...

Cook Like A Man

If there's one day for a man to get in the kitchen and do some damage, it is this weekend. And I'm not talking about developing...

The Tie that Doesn’t Bind

It is quite possible that no other instrument in the history of men’s clothing has been more misunderstood than the necktie. Its purpose has...

Coordinating Dress and Complexion

We will start off by issuing a proclamation that the legendary Martin Luther King Jr. would surely contend with; all skin colors should not...