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Such an inconvenient truth that we have to face, although begrudgingly, that summer’s end is upon us; alas face it we must. Gone are the days of extended sunshine, warm weather, and consistently blue skies, unless of course you live a bit farther south of the equator. For the rest of us who are not so fortunate, the fall season has fallen quickly upon us. Instead of wallowing in the gloom of the impending cold temperatures, shorter days, and the premieres of inane reality shows that pass for entertainment in the new television season, it is best to be prepared — as fall brings change to the appearance of the leaves around you so must it to your wardrobe.

The cooler temperatures that fall brings dictates that, out of necessity, the gentleman must dress warmer, so banished from his wardrobe until spring are the lighter fabrics, including cotton and linen, unless they are of course used for his under garments. They are replaced by heavier fabrics such as wool. The brighter colors that you could get away with in the summer time, yellows, limes, and aquas, are replaced by more traditional colors for your suits and shirts. The following is a guide to allow you to make it through the winter, so that you can do your best from keeping your attire from flying south for the winter.

Top Fall/Winter Suits and Jackets

1)    Dark gray worsted
1Worsted 300x200 - The Fall Guy

2)    Solid navy
2navysuit 200x300 - The Fall Guy

3)    Three-piece gray flannel
3flannel 262x300 - The Fall Guy

4)    Double-breasted chalk-stripe in navy or gray
4double 300x300 - The Fall Guy

5)    Muted plaid
5mutedplaid 300x225 - The Fall Guy

6)    Tweed herringbone
6herringbone - The Fall Guy

7)    Single-or double-breasted blue blazer
7blueblazer 282x300 - The Fall Guy

8)    Patterned sports jacket (herringbone, gun check, glen plaid)
8glenclaid 199x300 - The Fall Guy


Top Fall/ Winter Shirts

1)    Two white
b1white 207x300 - The Fall Guy

2)    Three blue
b2blue 266x300 - The Fall Guy

3)    Two other solid colors: ivory or pink
b3pink 217x300 - The Fall Guy

4)    Six striped: four with the same collar color, two with contrast collar
b4contrast 300x269 - The Fall Guy

5)    One muted plaid
b5plaid - The Fall Guy


fallties 300x187 - The Fall Guy

(Generally, darker ties are in order for fall, whether they be solid, diagonal or paisley)


Marcus Green is the author of A Year Without April, and lives in Seattle,WA.  His motto is that “90% of life is simply showing up…dressed well.”

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