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30 Days with an Electric Razor

Electric Razor
Image by Tony Zhu from Pixabay

When it comes to shaving, I’m definitely a man of routine. For years, I shaved the same way almost every day, with a Gillette shaver in the shower. I had cheap electricity for touch-ups and camping trips. Recently, on the Aspiring Gentleman, we debated the merits of the Safety Razor vs the Electric Razor. While the Safety Razor is tried and true, the potential offered by the most modern of Electric Razors surely deserves consideration. The manufacturers of the model I tried (Panasonic Arc IV ) recommended 30 days for your face to adapt. This 30-day claim was what kept me going past day 1 when I was experiencing a serious razor burn. So, how much of a difference do those 30 days make? I noticed several interesting changes to the way I shaved and the way that my face reacted to the shaver.

  • The razor burn I experienced on the first day has not gone away completely, but I would say it is about a 1/4 of what it was in those first few days. If I shave carefully and deliberately, which is somewhat counter-intuitive to the method of an electric razor, I definitely notice a reduction in razor burn.
  • The quality of the shave is about the same on day 30 as it was on day 1. The good news is that I feel the closeness of the shave is very comparable to the 3 blades replaceable shaver I used in the shower, provided I pay attention. This leads to the bad news: many of the tough spots below my earlobes and around my throat are easy to miss, even on consecutive days, leading to erroneous hairs.
Electric razor
Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay
  • When used daily, the automatic cleaner undoubtedly leads to a better and more consistent shave. The noise it makes is a small nuisance; however, it usually runs when no one is home.
  • The upfront cost is a bit shocking, but maintenance so far looks to be quite affordable and should pay for itself compared to many over-the-counter shaving products. I was previously paying about $5 per week for replaceable 3-blade razors, whereas now I pay $5 per month for the replaceable cleaning cartridge.
  • The convenience of this product is undeniable, and it has definitely shortened my morning routine, which, on most days, is a good thing. I walk out of the bathroom feeling confident about the shave and haven’t had issues with 5 o’clock shadow. By the way, my hair thickness is average.

While the Electric Razor has replaced the heavily marketed three-blade razors I used previously on a daily basis, I still feel like the Safety Razor is a personal indulgence that should not be forgotten, even if it’s not nearly as practical.