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30 Days with an Electric Razor

When it comes to shaving, I'm definitely a man of routine. For years, I shaved the same way almost every day, with a Gillette shaver in...

The Electric Razor vs. Wet-Shaving Debate

When I was 16, my parents bought me my first electric razor -- a small Philips 2 head shaver.  I thought at the time...

Contest and Advice from the Shaving Shack

Nick from The Shaving Shack has generously offered to not only write a few words of wisdom regarding shaving, but also give away a...

The Rise and Fall … and Rise of the Shaving Brush.

So when did it happen? At what time in history did modern man decide he was no longer going to use a brush in...

Why use a shaving brush

Sometime last year I made the switch from using a Philips electric razor to traditional wetshaving, and I wouldn't look back; shaving in the...