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Belfour Bourbon Born for Glory

Belfour Bourbon Born for Glory

I am sure not everyone has heard of Ed Belfour. I am here to tell you a little bit after 20 years of playing professional hockey; Ed Belfour is now an ex-hockey player turned bourbon marker. At first, I wasn’t sure if an ex-hockey player could make whiskey especially being from Canada. I was wrong. Belfour whiskey is a family-run business and deserves your attention. The quality goes right down to the bottle itself, which is handsome and thoughtfully designed. The classic bell-bottle tells a story of their strong legacy and craft. They have only been around since 2014, but they are packing a big punch.  

Belfour Bourbon

I had the honor of trying their Rye and Texas Pecan wood. It was truly a treat for my taste buds. 

Rye Whiskey

You instantly get the rye character in the aroma. Grain alcohol mixed with oak is prevailed on the nose, and a little bit of caramel. The best rye noses I’ve experienced. The first sip is rich and peppery. Incredibly soft and smooth. A few seconds after, there’s a sweet sensation of smoked vanilla that lingers on the palette. Not too spicy but spicy enough to put the other rye whiskeys to shame. It coats the palette in a peppered flavor. 

Phenomenally integrated; all whiskey enthusiasts will enjoy the multifaceted nature with smokey notes that complement the sweet vanilla taste as it warms your body. The resulting flavor is complex but has a clean finish—a genuine top-shelf whiskey. It depends where you are; this bottle of Rye Whiskey is around $75. 

Pecan Wood Bourbon Whiskey

This Pecan Whiskey was inspired by a 300-year-old tree located on Belfour ranch in Van Alstyne Texas. This whiskey spends an extra eight weeks with staves of Texas pecan wood. This allows caramel, vanilla and brown sugar, and roasted pecans to mature. To the nose, it is rich with honey notes. The smell is absolutely incredible, almost like a dessert. With the amazing notes of pecan, your mouth starts to water before your first sip. 

The first sip matched up to the aroma. Not too overly sweet. This whiskey is exceptionally smooth with no burn. There’s definitely a berry character to it, almost like cherries. If you like roasted pecans, you will love this. The pecans are very prevalent in the flavor. The finish is short but smooth with hints of caramel. This bottle of Bourbon Whiskey Finished w/ Texas Pecan Wood is around $75 as well.

Belfour doesn’t stop there. They also have a Limited and Special edition straight rye whiskey that I can not wait to get my hands on. 

Belfour takes quality to the next level. The product that they produce, the quality and spirit that they bring are impeccable. This is one whiskey to keep an eye out in the future.

Conclusion | Belfour Bourbon

Finding the Bourbon that reflects your taste bud can sometimes be a challenge. As you can see from the two bourbons we reviewed here, they have very different characteristics and will appear to some but not others. Check out our article on How to pick Whiskey and Bourbon. You will get a better idea of the different flavors you may enjoy. Best of all, you will have a great time tasting all the different varieties figuring out the flavors you love best.