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Golf: Top Five Ways Golf Becomes Our Lifestyle

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Golf makes a man.

As golf enthusiasts we’re tired of the well worn cliches about golf being a gentleman’s game. We have heard it before and don’t need a reminder to stroke our ego. We all play golf for our own reasons but quickly unite together because the game for all that golf adds to our wellbeing– it simply translates over to our lifestyle. Yes, it’s really does become a part of life and I came up with a list of reasons to show just how that happens.

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5. Getting In Shape

Let’s not kid ourselves. Playing eighteen holes of golf is not the same as a full court basketball game or full-contact football. But gold doesn’t pretend to be and instead I liken it more to baseball as a sport that people of all shapes and size can play to become healthy. Just consider that an average golf course can range between three and four miles. Players walking and swinging their clubs to eighteen holes while playing a few times each week is bound to achieve a high level of endurance. If you carry your own clubs, you will burn even more calories and gain more strength. No, it won’t help you to reach your peak fitness but it will keep you fit, lose weight and body fat, and even improve your muscle mass.

4. Defining Our Style

What you wear says a lot about you down to the watch on your wrist and the shoes on your feat. Unlike most sports where uniforms are the norm, golf promotes our individuality. We can choose what we wear how we wear it. The elegant stylish choices in slacks, polo shirts, golf cleats help make the gentleman. Plenty of blogs like Male-Mode or Aspiring Gentleman for men offer some helpful style tips. Or women reading this can take a look at Ms. Career Girl too.

3. Learning To Socialize With Anyone

Guys and gals of all ages play the game. We often play with our friends but it is also common to play as part of a business meeting, networking, a date, or even with a randomly assigned group of middle-aged women or older men if you have nobody to play with. It’s a social sport by nature as you trek through the beautifully manicured courses making small talk and even Male-Mode with your competitors. It’s not an ideal sport if you prefer to keep quiet, but rather, provides plenty of opportunities to develop and practice social skills with people of all backgrounds. All of that downtime helps to make you closer and come away feeling more social after a day of eighteen holes.

2. Building Our Mental Health

Socialization, competition, exposure to nature and the sun, exercise, and plenty more factors work together to build your mental health.

The constant exposure to the green in beautiful locales like Ocean City, Maryland or abroad in Tenerife helps reduce anxiety and stress while the sunlight provides ample vitamin D nutrients important to your overall health. As you focus on placing that tiny white ball into a hole both far away or the concentration to place it yards away helps to exercise your vision, improve hand-eye coordination, and focus your mind. Even the simple act of swinging your club back and forth over a prolonged period of time helps your blood flow to your brain to stimulate your nerve cell connections.

Most important of all is the mental focus, strategy (which club to use, how hard to hit the golf ball, etc,), and competition as you try to beat your previous high score–thereby increasing self esteem, confidence, and more. All of these physical and mental aspects join together to create a healthier and happier mind.

1. Happiness Comes From Passion

Fitness, mental health, socializing, are a few of the factors that can turn golf from a basic hobby into a passion. Being on the course with other like-minded people in a natural environment and competing in a relaxed manner will inevitably release endorphins. These endorphins are important mood enhancing chemicals in our brain that ultimately make you happier. Happiness comes in part from our passions and it’s no secret that gold becomes a passion for most who give the sport a try.

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