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Cannabis in Cambodia

Angkor Wat Cambodia
Photo by allPhoto Bangkok on Unsplash

If you enjoy smoking weed and you are currently traveling around South East Asia, Cambodia is a stop that you should not miss.

If you are not into cannabis, though – be wary. It is a big part of Cambodia’s culture, and is almost openly used in both small towns and cities. Weed is very common among many countries in East Asia, but Cambodia may very well lead the pack. Restaurants and bars in Cambodia are known to sell it in their establishments, and not just usually in the form of smoke!

Angkor Wat Cambodia
Photo by allPhoto Bangkok on Unsplash

Better safe than sorry! Here are some reminders when traveling to Cambodia. Whether you are a fan or not, knowing your environment and its cannabis culture can help when you are either looking for it or avoiding it.

Beware the Special Pizza

As mentioned, the cannabis culture in Cambodia is such a big thing that one of the definite must-try experiences in Cambodia is indulging in a Special Pizza, one that is spiked with marijuana. While the marijuana in this pizza is a mild one known within Asia, it can be something potent for someone who don’t smoke. Also be wary of anything that has a name that is unnecessarily enhanced – Happy Mojito, Happy Cake, Happy noodles etc. When in doubt, it won’t hurt to ask. If you don’t get a direct answer, indulge at your own risk!

Do not take Offence in their Hospitality

It is not unknown for Cambodians to just hand you a joint and insist that you smoke it. This is especially true for traveling Caucasians, whom they oddly believe smokes weed as an entire race. Make sure that the weed comes from a source you trust, or one that is known for Cannabis. If you don’t smoke week, just firmly and respectfully say no. If you do, go ahead and enjoy, but do give back something gracious – a tip, or a drink will do.

Don’t Just Take It from Anyone.

Whatever drug it is you are into, always remember that it is better to be safe than sorry. While Cambodia is a haven for cannabis smokers and even other forms of drugs, you can never be sure that what you are being offered is pure. As cannabis is an open culture among Cambodians, just ask a friend or a tour buddy. Trust me, it is best not to set out on your own on the hunt for it.

There are many great stories of the great Cambodia cannabis experience but be reminded that there is equally a whole lot of horror stories as well. Smoking weed, or better yet, vaping weed with a reliable vaporizer is an enjoyable experience that can be spoiled by uninformed and wreckless decisions. Don’t let your excitement get in the way of a proper good time!

Have you been to Cambodia? Have you tried their Special Pizza? Let us know how it went below! Cambodia is one of my favorite stoner destinations.