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Allaire Privee Aged Crystal Tequila

Discover the Allure of perfection in Aged Crystal Tequila. Discover #Allaire Collection Privée #LuxurySpirits .#Tequila #Rum #Vodka #DrinkGoals #Cheerspic.twitter.com/iwbKwz5WlK

— Allaire Privée (@AllairePrivee) November 2, 2016

It took us quite a while to write anything about Allaire Privee Tequila because such an elegant bottle is hard to open when friends act in awe as they reach my liquor display. This beautiful bottle shows the detail and attention put into this Tequila as you can see from the video above.

What about the tequila itself? The aged crystal tequila is not all that different from the bottle. It’s a premium top shelf tequila from 100%  Blue Tequilana Weber Agaves from the Los Altos Region in Jalisco, Mexico. Plenty of tequila is created with a mix of aguave and other ingredients which is the main reason for plenty of the university tequila shot horror shows.

The agave is cooked for 48 hours or more  at low temperatures in small batches without additives. The six month aging process in Bourbon Oak Casks does its job well to add a great balance of sweetness and enhances the agave flavor. When all is said and done the Allaire Privee Tequila is filtered with a secret process that provides that crystal tone fit for the premium bottle.

This all sounds nice but Allaire Privee Tequila is also an award winning tequila taking home the 2016 San Francisco World Spirits Competition Gold Medal for its caramel, vanilla, and honey aroma.

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