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Drinking Tequila Vida

There are very few beverages that hold such an allure and such a mystique about them as tequila do. This beloved Mexican spirit has become one of the most popular drinks for lovers of alcohol and for many reasons. If you love tequila and are planning on getting yourself one of the most exceptional tequila brand out there, Tequila VIDA, then in this brief article we have taken the liberty to elucidate a bit more on this famous drink.

Tequila Vida has become one of the most popular Tequila drinks on the market and for many reasons. The soft, smooth, and elegant taste that is so intoxicating is not the only reason though. The founder, Lisa Barlow, of Tequila Vida prides herself on perfecting the art of making fine tequila.

You may very well be surprised by some of the facts that will be listed, and that is precisely what we want. It will make your love for this drink even more intoxicating.

Some Fun Facts About Everyone’s Favorite Spirit

# 1 – Tequila is Plant-Based

Tequila is made from a plant called Weber. However, the tequila itself is made using the blue agave. This core of the Weber plant contains aguamiel which translated into English means “honey water.”

# 2 – Tequila Is Technically a Mezcal

Now this is salient Tequila is technically a Mezcal but this doesn’t work the other way around. The Tequila is made from the blue agave found in the plant whereas the Mezcal uses the whole plant itself.

# 3 – Only The Agave Heart Is Used

The tequila is made by removing the heart which can weigh from anywhere between 80 to 200 pounds. Yes, you read that correctly. Once the heart is stripped of the leaves, it is then cooked to remove all the sap which is later fermented and distilled.

# 4 – You Can Turn Tequila Into Diamonds

This may very well be the most intriguing take on everyone favorite spirit. Tequila can be the trend into diamonds. Unfortunately, the fantastic transformation is small to the point that you won’t be able to turn your drink into jewelry. Tequila can be turned into artificial diamonds but then only used for electronics and industrial purposes.

# 5 – A Bottle Of Tequila Can Last Unopened For Years

Okay, this may be stretching it a bit. Once opened and left unopened the Tequila can last for up to 3 to 6 months. Anything after that and this drinks tastes more like a bourbon than anything else.

# 6 – It Can Only Be Called Tequila If It Was Made In Mexico

Lastly one of the most exciting facts about Tequila is that it can only be called tequila if it was made in Mexico.

More About Tequila Vida

Tequila Vida has received critical acclaim for the rich, tangy and robust taste it offers as well as the unique bottling design that delights the feel of “Old Mexico.”

The top recommend Vida Tequila drinks, which have received critical claim and has consistently ranked as some of the finest tasting and most sophisticated beverages for those who love an intoxicating taste, are:

Vida Blanco

The Vida Blanco is a delicious beverage for those who love their hot and spicy drinks. Having a 4-star rating as well as being highly recommended by the Spirit Journal – the Vida Blanco offers a salty, fresh and somewhat nutty taste.

Vida Reposado

The Vida Reposado offers a bit of a sweet and honey taste with just a bit of a jalapeño tingle to it. If you are a lover of sweet and tangy flavors, this is the beverage for you. This beverage scored 94 points and had been rated in the top 50 Spirits since 2013; very impressive.

Vida Anejo

The Vida Anejo offers a creamy caramel taste and indeed caresses the tongue which significantly accentuates the flavor. This entry had scored a 97 point son the Tasting Panel competition.

The tequila Vida is one of the most versatile drinks for lovers of spirits and can be the best drink out there for those looking to have a beautiful night out.

Creating Perfection

The creators of Tequila Vida genuinely appreciate the culture of Mexico as well as the history and the whole process of making tequila. As mentioned it is an art, and the creators have honed their skill in creating a spirit that will encapsulate all that is great about Mexico.

As the founder, Lisa Barlow, said “Everything we do is thoughtful and strong. VIDA has quality and sophistication that defines the way you want to drink”.

Her mission is to focus on providing people the best taste experience possible and as she so eloquently and charmingly put it “It takes a minimum of 12 years for agave to become tequila. Forget shots; we believe there is a greater reward in savoring what’s in your glass.”

Get Yours Hands On Tequila Vida Today And Enjoy

If you love Tequila, as we all do, then why not grab yourself a bottle today. After learning something new about this fantastic drink, it really will help to add a bit more flavor and pizzazz to this excellent drink.

A sample of Tequila Vida was provided for review purposes. All opinions expressed our are own.