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What do you Want to Do in Looe?

Looe is definitely an underrated destination, and one that few non-British even know about in the slightest sense. But there are tons of  things to do in looe for those who are in the know and have read up on it.

The nice people in the government have given us this extensive list  to work off of, but it is worth mentioning several key attractions also:

-The Zip Wire

Located in the famous Adrenaline Quarry, this is one of the longer and more exciting ones, measuring in at 490m or just over a quarter mile for those of you that don’t speak metric. Definitely worth it, in this author’s opinion. Spectacular views, and as the name of the quarry implies, adrenaline for days. And one of the biggest advantages are that pre-booking this awesome attraction isn’t necessary, as it is with most other zip wires. You stay up as high as 50m (150ft) above the ground, and go over a beautiful lake and canyon. Speeds can reach over 40mph/70kph.

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-The Giant Swing

The name kind of says it all. It’s a swing, and it’s pretty enormous. This is the perfect compliment to the zip wire, these are two different and complementary flavors of adrenaline. We actually recommend the giant swing first, as it represents a perfect warm-up for the zip wire.

-The Monkey Sanctuary

Founded in 1964, the Monkey Sanctuary is unique and one of a kind in the world. It is an active rescue center for monkeys, with thirty seven full time “residents” as of this writing. Here you can find wooly monkeys, capuchin monkeys and more.

-Horse Riding

Just seven short miles out of Looe, there is a sixty acre equestrian area, with all the bells and whistles. What could be a nicer way to spend a summer afternoon than learning to ride a horse in the middle of the gloriously beautiful Cornish countryside? Expect nothing but the highest level of professionalism and quality from this premium horse-riding experience. Anybody of any level of riding over the age of five is eligible for lessons.

-Glass Bottom Boat Trips

This is a great option for someone who loves the ocean and marine life. People say the skipper is awesome too. Bring warm clothes, as the ocean is never that warm in this part of the world. Don’t forget to tip.

Of course, one could write all day about this amazing little corner of Cornwall, but now it’s time for you to go out and do all this wonderful stuff. Enjoy your vacation!

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