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Discharge Your Inner Survivalist

Discharge Your Inner Survivalist

What could possibly be a more masculine activity than getting out there and spending some time in the wilderness? We spend far too much of our time in the comfort of our homes surrounded by the beeping of gadgets and the flashing of screens. Sometimes a man just needs to get back out into the world and reconnect with his most primal instincts! Of course, it’s probably not a good idea to just run barefoot into the woods and disappear for a few days. But a serious camping trip can be a fantastic way to feed that urge to get away for the hectic pace of modern life and find a bit of peace. Here are a few ways that you can really make the most of a camping trip and unleash your inner survivalist.

Take only what you absolutely need

When packing your bag for your trip, take this as your rule of thumb: if you don’t absolutely need it to survive, leave it at home. This means that your phone, tablet, and laptop are all getting left behind. Not only that but things like your razor needn’t go into your backpack either. Mother nature isn’t going to care that you’re unshaven! By stripping everything back to the bare essentials, you’ll be able to remind yourself just how easily you can survive without all of the luxuries that we’re all so attached to these days.


Do things the old fashioned way

There are hundreds of products designed to make camping “easier” and “more convenient” but all that ends up doing is taking away a good chunk of the appeal of camping itself. You don’t need any camping gadgets and gizmos. All you need is something to cook with, something to eat out of and a knife. A simple gas camping stove is perfect if you’re in a location where you can’t start your own campfire, but if you can’t gathering wood and lighting your own fire is one of the most satisfying things in the world. A high-quality knife from Bark River Knife and Tool is the kind of tool that you’ll be so grateful that you have. Whether it’s peeling and cutting your food, or shaving wood to make it easier to burn. Nothing makes you feel more badass than surviving with nothing more than your wits and a sharp blade.

Get lost as a survivalist

When was the last time you felt the thrill of being completely and utterly lost? In our modern lives, we’re so connected all of the time that getting lost is practically impossible, not only that but we simply don’t have the time either. When you’re camping, you’re not working to a deadline; there’s no itinerary to follow. It’s just you and nature, nothing else. This means that if you want to go and get yourself lost, then there’s nothing to stop you. There are few things more satisfying than getting yourself completely lost in the forest and finding your way back to your tent by figuring out the direction you’re going from the position of the sun.