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Looking Good: 11 Things The Modern Gentleman Always Has In His Bathroom

Looking good does actually take some effort. As much as some women (and men) tell you they like the rough and ready look, they actually don’t. The only person who likes a rough and ready man is the man who’s wearing it. It’s called lazy. If preening yourself is something new, don’t worry; you’ll get the hang of it.

As well as products and moisturising routines, you’ll need your bathroom set up to work. Revamp your bathroom with these tips provided by style blogger Liam Houghton (a writer with The Brighton Bathroom Company) and you’ll have no option but to leave the house looking good, good-looking.

  1. Soft and luxurious towels

If you’re in a bachelor pad, you’ll likely want to impress a few random guests (wink, wink). Get off to a good start. Don’t let your bathroom down by hanging on to thread-bare towels. Upgrade your towels to luxurious Egyptian cotton ones. Definitely don’t leave damp towels on the floor. Your towels say everything about you, including where you leave them. A heated towel rail is a must.


  1. A shower head that means business

What’s better than starting your morning with a decent, satisfying shower? Apart from the Espresso of course. There’s nothing worse than a shower without power. Rainfall showers mimic the pattern of rainfall on your skin, and you can’t get a more refreshing wake-up than that. Invest in a great shower head and you won’t regret it. A steamy shower softens the skin ready for the perfect shave.

  1. A shower that says cool


Showers are an essential in the modern bathroom, so even if you’re a bath-kind-of-guy, you’ll still have one. If you’re kitted out with a walk in shower and wet room great. But if your shower cubicle is run-of the mill, or over the bath, a cool shower curtain is an absolute must-have. Your shower curtain says as much about you as your towels. Think artistic and eye-catching without being overwhelming.

And while we’re on the subject of cool, did you know a cold shower is good for you. It’s true. Cold showers have been shown to increases alertness, refine hair and skin, improve immunity and circulation, stimulate circulation, ease stress and relieve depression. Having a cool shower in more ways than one is the way to go.

And one last thing, luxurious products are a must. That goes for shower gel, shampoo, soap and anything else you care to pamper yourself up with.


  1. A luxury bathroom robe hanging on the back of the bathroom door


Oscar Wilde once famously said, “one should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art.” If you’re a modest dresser in daily life, here’s your chance to go Wilde! (yeah that’s a pun). Think smoking jacket turned dressing gown. Jacquard silk gowns by Daniel Hanson or Meng scream opulent luxury. If you really must go with a classic spa-style dressing gown, make it a designer one. Yves Delorme’s Gabriel bathrobe does the traditional towelling dressing gown a bit of justice.

  1. Refined bathroom storage

Think minimalist and make sure all your bathroom goodies are neatly stored away. Hopefully you thought that through when you remodelled your bathroom and it’s all built in. If you’re about to go for a bathroom remodel, definitely don’t leave storage as a last thought. We love wall hung basin units with compartmentalised drawers. So organised. In the meantime, if you need a freestanding quick fix, the Kartell componibili storage unit works in modern spaces. Or the Arena Bamboo Revolve by Wireworks combines a storage solution with a mirror.

  1. A Diptyque candle

It has to be Diptyque. These divine candles are intoxicating. Nothing less will do. Go for a manly woodsy scent. Enough said.

  1. Cool shaving gear


If you haven’t already, it’s time you gave up the regular shaving routine (standard razors or electric). The proper straight edge, wet shave is for the grown up man who means business. Don’t feel intimidated. It’s liberating. And the shaving gear looks really cool on your bathroom countertop. Don’t overdo the aftershave. A faint whiff is much more alluring than a cloud of scent.  And definitely use a post-shave moisturiser to keep that face looking fabulous.

  1. Masculine designer countertop accessories

You’ll need some countertop bathroom accessories, but keep these simple. For a manly statement, glass and pewter works for storage jars and soap dispensers. Remember, keep only the essentials on show.

  1. A mirror that doesn’t fog up (yes they exist)

A must-have for any gentleman’s bathroom. Morning routines without the hassle of demisting mirrors gives you more time for the perfect shave.

  1. Waterproof Bluetooth speakers

Forget shower radios. Naff. If you haven’t got surround sound in the bathroom already (and you quite frankly should have), waterproof Bluetooth speakers are good enough to play music from your phone for your sing-a-long showers. Or for the more discerning gent, you can catch up with world news while getting ready for the day ahead.

  1. A piece of art to style up your space

If you have wall space, a fabulous bathroom calls for at least one great piece of art. Make it something tasteful that matches your décor, but quirky is good too.