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10 Home Accessories that Every Gentleman Needs

Whether you’re decking out your bachelor pad or just looking for more ways to make your home a little more gentleman-ly, there are some things that no house should be without. Here are ten accessories and items that every gentleman needs to have in his home.

Quality kitchenware

The thing about kitchenware is that you use it every single day. Any time that you’re buying something that is going to be used this much it really pays to opt for quality rather than cheap. Buying higher priced kitchenware doesn’t guarantee that it is fantastic, but the chances are that you will get a better build quality, so they will not only look more attractive in your kitchen, but they will last longer too. This should include everything from a chef’s knife and cutlery to the tableware you serve your food on.

A slow cooker

Here’s one kitchen item that every gentleman should invest in. Slow cookers are not only incredible time-saving devices, they are perfect for turning out incredibly diverse and delicious meals. From curries and chillies to stews and soups, you simply prepare the ingredients in the morning and complete around 10 minutes of initial cooking, before transferring to the slow cooker and leaving the food to cook while you are out all day. When you return you’ll find a wonderfully tasty meal waiting for you that has taken minimal effort.

A dining table

Sitting on the sofa with dinner is fine – but every gentleman’s abode needs a real dining table for any time that you’ve got guests over. If you’re going to the effort of these excellent slow cooked meals served on fine tableware, then it’s important to have a table to serve them on. Don’t assume that it has to be enormous – dining tables are available in a huge range of shapes and sizes.

A bookcase


You want to read more: chances are it’s been your new year’s resolution at least once. If you want to encourage yourself to read you need to put the temptation in front of you. A beautiful bookcase that shows off your books can be the motivation you need. It’s also true that a well-stocked bookcase makes for a lovely feature piece for a room.

A proper house sign

Let’s think about the exterior of the home now. One of the features that can really make your property look impressive is a bespoke house sign. It’s cheaper and faster than ever to have unique signs manufactured to your exact specifications, so there’s no excuse not to have an impressive house sign.


Plants are a fantastic option if you’re looking to brighten up your home. They can go just about anywhere from the kitchen to the bedroom, add vibrant colours and a nice focal point to a room. There are plenty of indoor plant species that thrive indoors, but you need to make sure you’re choosing one that is suitable for the conditions you are going to place it in. It’s best to do your research to find one exactly the kind of temperature and the amount of sunlight your plant is going to need.

Beard grooming kit

Are you a part of the facial hair revolution? Beards remain very in, but gone are the days when you can simply let it grow out to your heart’s content – you need to control your facial fuzz and keep it in good shape. So invest in a good quality beard grooming kit. This should include everything from scissors, an electric shaver and wet razor. You can additionally keep your beard looking great with oils, balms and wax.

Tool box

Every home should have a toolbox. This is so you know exactly where to look if you need to carry out soon home DIY. Keep your toolbox simple and only fill it with tools that you know how to use confidently. Filling it up with items that you know you’re never going to need just makes it harder for you to find the stuff you actually do use.

Shoe polish

Your shoes are expensive, so make sure that you take good care of them. If you haven’t already, invest in a shoe polishing set with brushes. Polish your shoes regularly and you can keep them in excellent condition.

A work desk


If you ever do any work from home or you like to spend any time writing or researching in the evenings it can be invaluable to have a work desk. Sitting with your laptop on your lap is fine for short periods, but if you’re going to work for extended periods of time, a desk is an essential investment.