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Must-Try Experiences For The Modern Gentleman

No matter who you are, chances are there are plenty of experiences you would like to try your hand at, but you just haven’t had the chance yet. This can be a frustrating experience, but not nearly as frustrating as not having any idea what you want to do. The truth is, there are many different kinds of activities which the modern gentleman can benefit from trying. Whether they are just fun, or a little informative as well, one thing is for sure – they are all worth giving a go, and they are good enough for anyone’s bucket list. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the must-try experiences for the modern gentleman in your life.

Supercar Race

There is no doubt that many men love their cars – and when it comes to supercars, it’s hard to not like what you see. There is one kind of experience in particular which plays to this well, and could even constitute a great present if you know someone who would want this kind of experience. Simply take them away on a supercar race day. Unfortunately, many of these places do not actually let you drive the cars – but you can have the experience of being in the passenger seat while someone else does! If you have a thrill of the race in you, then this is well worth considering.

Flying Lessons

Who doesn’t want to know how to fly? Many people dream of it, but only relatively few ever do it. However, you can now find affordable lessons at a flight school – perfect for the wannabe pilot who wants to have a little taste. If you feel that this is the one for you, then why not find your nearest centre and fly as soon as you can? This is one of those kinds of experience which just don’t come around that often.

Clay Shooting


If you ask around, you will probably find that the majority of men today have very little interest in actually shooting live animals. Of course, it is still popular in certain parts of the world, but on the whole the popularity for that kind of spot has gone out the window – and for obvious reasons. Nonetheless, there is nothing that says that you can’t enjoy a clay shooting session. These experience days are an enjoyable way to experience the thrill of shooting, but without actually killing any animals. If you have always wanted to try your hand at shooting, then this is a great way to get into it. Why not give it a go this year – you never know, you could end up being the best shooter around.

Bungee Jump

Finally, one for the real thrill-seekers out there. If you have never been bungee jumping before, you might be amazed at what a rush it can be. Of course, part of the enjoyment is in the place you choose to do it, so make sure that you choose somewhere beautiful and you won’t be disappointed!