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Unique Destinations for a Romantic Weekend

What comes to mind when you try to picture a romantic getaway? Walking hand in hand on a beach in Hawaii? Enjoying an enchanting dinner in Paris with the Eiffel Tower in the background? While these destinations are certainly beautiful, they’re a little cliché and lacking in creativity. Whether you’re in a new relationship and would like to keep the momentum going, or if you’ve been together for a while and you’d like to try something new to spice things up, here are a few unusual places to visit on your next romantic weekend away.

The Spooky Side Of New York

Book a walking ghost tour and spend a thrilling evening traipsing through Greenwich Village with your significant other. Spending a weekend learning about the ghosts of New York City and its tragic history may not sound at all romantic, but try to keep an open mind and use your imagination. First of all, Greenwich Village in itself is an attractive destination because of its historic, old-world charm, and its artsy, bohemian vibe. You won’t have much trouble finding a cozy and comfortable place to stay here.

Secondly, on this ghost tour in New York, you will be led by an engaging tour guide who will enthrall you with fascinating stories about reported hauntings and paranormal activity in the Village. What better excuse could you have to stay close to your loved one, hold her hand, and give her a comforting hug if she gets frightened? Afterwards, treat her to a lovely dinner at one of the many excellent restaurants in the area, or let her laugh off the scares at a popular comedy club.

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Pretty In Pink

Head to Sedona in Arizona where you can go on a spectacular tour of red rock country in a bright pink Jeep! This is a scenic, off road, and high adventure fun activity that your loved one is sure to enjoy. Another way to enjoy the view and marvel at the majestic red rocks that Sedona is known for is via hot air balloon. You have to admit that floating dreamily over a stunning landscape is pretty romantic stuff.

Of course, there are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy in Sedona, such hiking, kayaking and a wild ride in an ATV. But if you prefer to be indoors, the city is also home to several different art galleries that showcase fine Southwestern paintings and ceramics.

A Beach Fit For A Princess

We did say at the beginning of this article that going to the beach for a romantic weekend is a little cliché, but Amelia Island in Florida is an ideal destination for several reasons. It’s a lot quieter and more intimate than the infamous party beaches in Key West and Miami. Besides scuba diving and parasailing, you can enjoy plenty of activities perfect for couples such as horseback riding or a laidback round of golf. The island’s official website even has a feature where you can build your own custom itinerary for two.

Hopefully, these suggestions will encourage you to think out of the box when you plan your next romantic weekend away. At the end of the day, no matter where you decide to go, being present, attentive, and in the moment is what will make your partner feel loved and appreciated—it’s all about having the right attitude!

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