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The Traveler’s Coin Purse: Smart Money For People Who Love To Roam

Going on holiday or for a trip is usually regarded as being an expensive luxury. Most people don’t go away that often because of the costs that are associated with it. This is a shame, of course. Especially seeing as there are loads of ways that you can make something like this much easier for yourself. With some simple work and research, you can cut down the costs of your travels significantly. So, it’s definitely worth a shot. To help you out, this post will be going through some of the ways that you can achieve this goal.

The prices of holidays can change on a daily basis. The price will gradually rise as the holiday gets closer and closer. And, on days of high interest, the prices will go up a little, too. So, you have to be trying to book your trip on the best days. To do this, you’ll need to do some research. This can be as simple as some observation, over the period of a couple of weeks. Record the most expensive and cheapest days. Using that, you will be able to accurately guess when prices are at their lowest. Alongside this, you should never be browsing these websites with cookies turned on. They will use this information to see if you’ve visited their site before. If you have, they will raise prices for you. You can easily turn cookies off in your browser settings.


When you’re away, you’ll want to spend some money. But, using your regular bank card and even some credit cards will come with high fees. To avoid this, you need to look for the right kind of card. You can tie this into normal life, too. For example, Chase offer some great cards for travel and general use. So, you’d just have to make sure that you meet the Chase Sapphire Preferred credit score requirements. And, you’d be good to go. Of course, you might also want to take some cash with you. This should always be exchanged long before the trip. The best rates will come from exchanges within your country. So, it’s worth doing some research to find the shop with the highest numbers.


When you’re on your trip, the places that you spend your money will have a big impact on how much you have to spend. Locals never spend as much as tourists, and you can take advantage of this. Eating in local food places and staying in local hotels will make the trip much cheaper. Plus, using places like this, you’ll get a much more authentic feel for the place you’re visiting. Tourist areas will often have bloated prices for things that can be found for much cheaper.


Hopefully, this will help you to start saving money on your travels. The less money you spend on going away; the more times you will be able to go away. And, once you’ve caught the bug, it’s hard to find excuses not to travel the world. You just have to put a little more effort in than usual.