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How To Live Like a Local in Paris?

Most visitors in Paris want to experience a bit of everything in the city whether it is a bohemian lifestyle, the popular Parisian cafes, museums, art galleries, and more. One neighbourhood that is home to all these, is Latin Quarter located in the north eastern part of the 6th arrondissement. The archetypal Paris resides in this neighbourhood as a symbol of fiery intellectualism for a nation that contributed immensely towards philosophy, history, culture and political life. If you want to Live Like a Local in Paris read on.

Famous cafes like Café de Flore and Les Deux Magots, comprises an important part of the bustling Latin Quarter. The area also boasts of world famous universities, making it an intellectual centre. Others attractions like Senate, which is nestled in beautiful Luxembourg Palace, right next to the stunning public park Jardin du Luxembourg. All these features makes Latin Quarter most sought after neighbourhood in Paris.

Choosing your accommodation


If you’re visiting the City of Light- Paris for a week or longer, renting a Paris serviced apartment for short stay and long stay is an affordable bet. Staying in rental apartments can help you stay like a local and most interesting you can pack your lunches or cook for dinner. The well-furnished apartments in offers are available at affordable rates as compared to the hotels in this area. Moreover, renting a flat also gets you off the tourist grid.

Join the walking tour

To learn and explore area’s rich history and top attractions join the Latin Quarter walking tour. This is a wonderful place to spend an afternoon exploring the neighbourhood and enjoying people-watching. You can also experience flawless blend of old and new culture. The tour will also help you to taste delicious food including fresh breads, French cheeses, charcuterie, and delectable wines. A great tour if you are looking for eclectic and bohemian experiences.

Shopping on popular streets


Latin Quarter may be famous for its popular cafes but the area surprisingly offers you great shopping experience. You’ll find several amazing shops and shopping streets whether it is a big department stores or a petite boutique. A popular shopping street to browse in this area includes Boulevard Saint Germain, Boulevard du Montparnasse, Rue de Rennes, Boulevard Saint Germain, Place Saint Michel and Cour du Commerce Saint André. However, if you are looking for wonderful bookstore, visit Gilbert Jeune that offers excellent assortment of books, maps of Paris and office supplies.

Visit literary hotspot-café and restaurants


Les Deux Magots: The cafe is situated on the Boulevard Saint-Germain. Les Deux Magots was frequented by the 20th Century Parisian literary elites, such as Sartre and Hemingway. The cafe specialises in offering a range of delicious hot chocolate out on the terrace. The history of this café makes it so popular and tourist makes sure to not to miss it while touring this neighbourhood!!

Le Procope: Situated on Rue de l’Ancienne Comédie, Le Procope is the oldest café in Paris. The cafe is associated with famous names like Rousseau, Robespierre, Voltaire, and Benjamin Franklin. All of these personalities visited this cafe. Get world-class experience by enjoying the food and history related to this place.

Le Timbre: Le Timbre is an brilliant picturesque French restaurant situated on Rue Sainte Beuve. It offers delicious food in a great ambiance. The restaurant is very famous in this area, so ensure to make booking early as it fills up quickly.

When we talk about bohemian culture and history, Latin Quarter in Paris is probably the neighbourhood we look for. Whether you are looking for beautiful buildings, theatres, historic churches, cafe and parks, you can only experience the quintessential Parisian charm by immersing in local living. Hence, next time when you visit this neighbourhood, try to enjoy the incredible vibrant vibe of this bustling area like a local.

About the Author-I am Krishna blogger at thesqua.re, being traveller like to explore new places and share my experiences. Here i am exploring interesting ways to live like a local in Paris. While my visit to this popular and affluent neighbourhood I had an amazing time staying in a serviced apartments named thesqua.re there just like a local.