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How To Select the Right Plus Size Lingerie for your Significant Other

Ok, so Valentine’s is over, but the romance doesn’t have to be. If you really want to smash all barriers with your loved one, why not keep the fire going with a post-Valentines gift? The advantages of giving someone something totally unexpected at a time like this are legion. And I’m talking specifically, some super sexy plus size lingerie.

The people at 3wishes.com have an amazing selection of fine lingerie for you, and the selection process can seem daunting at first. But there are ways to narrow things down pretty quickly and easily. Let’s discuss:


Firstly, you want to get sexy lingerie that’s good for her body type. So how do we analyze that point objectively? It’s easy. Think about which parts of her body are the most attractive. Don’t be dumb and say “all of them”. The facts are, there will always be one or two parts that stand out as especially attractive, and even among plus size women this can vary a lot. Now, as you scroll through the catalog, ask yourself, again honestly, which parts of the body does this particular item draw attention to? Make sure it matches with the parts you want to bring out on her. It’s really that simple.

The next point is color. We can use a very similar technique for this. Get a recent photo of her. It doesn’t have to be color-corrected or anything like that; we just want to get a general idea of her skin tone. Put that photo (it has to show enough flesh to be worthwhile, and faces do not count for this exercise; they are often a different color than the rest of her!) up in a window next to an item you are considering, and ask yourself, once again brutally honestly, if those two colors go well together. Use your eyes, you will find you have better taste than you thought you had. Keep in mind also that certain combinations of skin tone colors, like red on really light-skinned girls or white on dark-skinned girls, have a very slutty look to them. This may or may not be the desired effect here!



Lastly, does the theme you are choosing go well with her personality? Especially important here is her degree of self-consciousness and self-acceptance, which unfortunately but understandably happens a lot among the plus-size population. Getting a very nervous and body-conscious girl something that covers up a lot is actually a great strategy, because it shows that you understand her, and ironically it can also cause her to start to open up a great deal more.


Happy shopping!