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Career Options In Health Care You Might Not Have Considered

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to be involved with the medical industry in some capacity, but you’ve never really known how. You know that you love to help people care for them, whether they might be mentally or physically unwell, and that’s a good start, but it doesn’t mean you know where to begin with making a career out of that passion and drive you have for helping others in the health care field.

The great thing about the healthcare industry is that it improves every day, and, in turn, it continues to expand. There are more options than ever in terms of health career paths, and that means there are a whole host of doors open to you. Perhaps you’re about to study, or you already have studied some branch of medicine to a certain extent, but there’s nothing stopping you from studying further if a particular avenue into the healthcare world now appeals to you more than it did before. Here are some health career options you might not have considered in medicine and healthcare, and it isn’t too late to change your path and start pursuing some of them instead.


Whilst this has typically always been a female field, plenty of men excel in nursing. The industry is still trying to adapt, as many men feel that the public perceives women as nurses and men as doctors, but this shouldn’t deter you from pursuing a career in nursing if it’s what you truly want to do. If you know, in your heart, that you don’t want to be a doctor and you’d rather help patients on a personal level, then this might be the career path which has always been calling to you.

There are many different kinds of nurses, for that matter, and you shouldn’t let stereotypes or misconceptions cloud your judgement. Nurses are much more than “assistants”. You still need medical knowledge to perform your job, and many nurses offering direct services in terms of mental and physical recovery, meaning they need technical expertise and experience in order to help patients. You’ll be doing much than administering drugs, so you don’t have to worry that you won’t be making a difference. You’ll be directly caring for people in this career, and you’ll be just as important as the doctors on the ward.

Autism therapy.

Many healthcare professions don’t even operate within a traditional hospital setting, and that’s why you should be expanding your field of view whilst searching for an appropriate healthcare career because you just want to help people. And, if that’s the case, there are plenty more ways to do that than simply becoming a surgeon or a doctor. One particular career in healthcare, of which many people are unaware exists, is autism therapy.

Applied Behaviour Analysis is the medical term for professionals who help guide young people suffering from autism from their initial confused state into a happier, healthier behavioural state. If you want to actually make a real, noticeable difference to people, then this line of therapy could be the solution for you. The behavioural sciences of medical care have helped to heal just as many people as have doctors in hospitals. You could really change people’s lives in this line of work because autism shouldn’t be a sentence to lifelong suffering. It can be understood and mastered, but it needs people who are willing to work towards that reality.

Mental health.


As I mentioned before, there’s a lot more to the healthcare industry than patching up wounds, curing diseases and fixing broken bones. Ailments aren’t always physical. Sometimes they come in the form of mental afflictions, and we’re living in age where people are starting to recognise the vital importance of tending to people with mental struggles, rather than shunning or shaming them.

Perhaps this issue is of particular importance to you. If you’ve struggled from mental health, or know a friend or family member who has suffered from some sort of disorder or ailment of the mind, then this might be the perfect career for you because the struggle is very close to your heart. In a medical career revolving around mental health, it is those who truly understand the pain and the struggles of overcoming mental afflictions who are best suited to roles within this industry. You could apply for health care assistant jobs in the line of mental work. If you’re wondering about qualifications like if you did an RN to BSN Houston, there are always training and academic courses available in the medical industry. Nothing can hold you back other than you. It depends on whether you feel this is the right area for you, and it isn’t a decision you should take lightly. Still, I have a feeling you’ll instinctively know whether or not you want to help people with mental health issues because it’s quite a different area of healthcare to physical injuries or illness.

Nutrition careers.


You might raise your eyebrow at the idea of a career in nutrition because it perhaps seems less important than an intense medical job role through which you save people’s lives. However, just because you aren’t saving somebody’s life in an immediate and urgent sense, that doesn’t mean you aren’t saving their life in the long run. This could not be a more relevant statement than it is with regards to people’s eating habits.

Nutritionists may not focus on medicines or procedures, but the expert advice they give is still vitally important. Think of this line of work as your local GP. Nutritionists are there to guide you towards a healthier life. Teaching people how to understand their food intake is a skill they can carry with them through their lives, and it might just help somebody live an extra 10 or 20 years. Better yet, it’s a very well paid career, and it’s an option well worth considering if you want a unique career path which helps people and yet supports you as a long-term career role. Of course, you will need to be educated at degree level, but if helping people to understand food or offering non-invasive advice is the line of medical work you’ve always wanted, then you might just have found the subject you should be studying.