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Top Travel Destinations 2019 for Active Travelers

Travel Destinations 2019

One of the most common New Year’s resolutions (perhaps after swearing to take up working out) many people make each year is traveling more. Now, 2019 is already in full swing, and if you’re one of those people who want to make this year count in terms of experiences, it’s time you started thinking about your next holiday. While it is true that you can easily choose a beach resort and spend ten days blowing off some steam, for those looking for real adventures, this just doesn’t cut it. An active holiday packed with all kinds of things to see and try is the best way to make your travels memorable and to give you that dose of adrenaline that will keep you going for the rest of the year. So, read on to see some of the top travel destinations in 2019 perfect for active travelers.


Many regard Australia as simply the best destination for any kind of holiday, including active ones infused with hiking, enjoying water activities and making the most of the beautiful weather outdoors, but if we had to pinpoint one state on this outstanding continent, then it would have to be Tasmania.

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It has some of the best hiking places in Australia with about 40% of its territory being protected land and 19 national parks providing their visitors with varied landscapes. Don’t miss out on the breathtaking Three Capes or the multi-day Freycinet circuit that includes all the amazing sights of this renowned national park. In Tasmania, there is truly so much to choose from when it comes to hiking.


Bali, often referred to as “The Island of Gods”, is a literal paradise on Earth disguised as one of the islands of lush Indonesia. From amazing beaches perfect for surfing through clear waters and amazing snorkeling sites all the way to a whole different world hidden in the jungles, there is so much to see on this island that you won’t be spending your entire holiday in one place.

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Choose your base wisely and then venture out to see some of the thousands of spectacular temples hidden all over the place, and don’t forget to carry a sash and sarong if you also want to enter some of them to marvel at the insides. Bali can also be a good destination for families with lots of activities for the kids including the famous, blood-pumping water park called Waterbom in Kuta. Find relaxing accommodation at Bali Villa Escapes and enjoy lots of movement by day and real rest by night – the best combination there is.


Perhaps there is no place in the world that provides a more fairytale-like view than the Swiss Alps. And the best of all is that it also provides the perfect setting for an active holiday infused with all kinds of sports. Plan your coming winter holiday in the name of skiing and snowboarding down the snowy slopes, or visit when the weather is warmer and spend your days hiking through the picturesque peaks or biking on the many trails. In any case, don’t miss out on trying out sledding which is a popular activity in Switzerland.

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Let your adventure take you to South America and discover the remains of the oldest civilization in this part of the world. Peru is a dream destination for many, but even if you hadn’t thought of exploring the amazing coast, the impressive peaks and the lush jungles of this country, you can be sure that immersing yourself in the culture and simply taking in the sceneries will give you memories of a lifetime. Of course, the main attraction is the Machu Picchu, which you can take on on foot if you’re an avid hiker. You can sign up for a multi-day tour that will take you through one of the ancient roads built by the Incas, culminating in the impressive archeological site of the Lost City. It’s a lot of walking to do, but it’s more than worth it.

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If you have always been fascinated with sunny Africa, a safari tour in Zimbabwe might be the perfect holiday for you. With scenic landscapes and incredible wildlife, it’s an ideal spot to marvel at the beauty of the continent. In fact, even walking safaris are now available, which makes the whole experience ten times more exciting. You will feel like a real adventurer when you see an elephant or a black rhino just a few meters away. A popular walking safari destination is Mana Pools National Park, where animals such as lions, buffalo, elands, antelopes and many other species gather.

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Moving the adventure a bit more to the North, why not explore the unique landscape of Iceland this year? So many incredible experiences wait for you on this solitary island in the North Atlantic. You can opt for descending into a real volcano 120 meters below the surface to see its unique magma chamber and the many colors that adorn it. The Thrihnukagigur has not erupted for 4000 years now, but it does not make it any less fascinating for those looking for a one-of-a-kind experience. Of course, there is plenty to do above the ground too, from birdwatching for animal lovers through scenic helicopter tours all the way to whale watching off the coast. And, of course, we must not fail to mention what a great number of people choose this destination for: the beautiful northern lights, which are worth traveling to Iceland in themselves.

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If the underwater world has always fascinated you, it would be a good opportunity to travel to the vivid coasts of Queensland and explore a bit of the world’s largest coral reef: the Great Barrier Reef and its incredible fauna. Cairns is a great starting point if you’re new to diving, as you can learn the ropes from professionals there and then head out to some of the most incredible diving spots along the coast that include Ribbon Reef, Escape Reef, Heron Island, Lady Elliot Island and so on. Besides scuba diving and snorkeling, there are also many other activities you can consider, such as sailing, white water rafting, and even exploring rainforests if you start missing the dry land.

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The adventurous country of the United States should not be left off this list either, with everything you might wish for on its enormous territory. One state that we must emphasize, though, is the southern part of Utah. With five amazing national parks and some of the finest red landscapes you will ever see, you can have your hiking, biking, backpacking or even horse riding escapade of a lifetime here. Breathtaking rock formations dot the landscape, so make sure you don’t miss out on gems such as Angels Landing.

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The world is full of amazing places, each of which offers something different. If you want to marvel at beautiful nature, explore some of the breathtaking national parks of Tasmania. If you want to try your hands at skiing, head to Switzerland. If you’d like to see something completely unique, Iceland is a good option. Today, active travelers are truly spoilt for choice so make sure you choose your destination wisely this year and make the most of every moment of your holiday. Pack your backpack and book those flights as soon as possible!

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