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Top 10 Fitness Trends of 2019

Fitness Trends of 2019

If Zumba has never really grown on you (understandably so), or if you could go for something more than hitting the treadmill, then you’re in for a treat. Much like in the previous years, 2019 has prepared quite a selection of powerful workout trends, nutrition hacks, as well as an overall mindset shift towards more multi-functional, highly flexible routines that accommodate each and every individual. We can all agree that most trends come and go, but the few that do stay are the ones that will officially stand the test of not only time, but of some serious athletes among you who crave for a new challenge.

Now, before you go back to your regular routine, let’s go over ten most notable trends that will steal the spotlight in 2019. Don’t be surprised if you find some of them to infiltrate your regular workout habits, since we’re certainly moving forward in huge leaps when it comes to advancing our healthy habits with the help of technology, wearable and otherwise, sports science, and nutrition.

Get efficient with HIIT

Even though the world has gone through a shift in perception and we’ve officially started appreciating mindfulness more than ever, the need to slow down definitely isn’t reflected in HIIT, or high intensity interval training. This trend, while not a new one, remains steadfast at the forefront of fitness. It helps you crush your stress-filled days, provides ample variety, and it can get pretty competitive in a group, which motivates some folk.

These short bursts of exercise are perfectly suited for the busiest of bees, while they are at the same time the finest way to burn that extra belly flab we all complain about year-round. HIIT is being upgraded with functional fitness tactics, so you can expect your HIIT program to include movements that help you perform better in your everyday life, from squats to push ups and even weight training.

Smarter ways to train

Smarter ways to train

Bracelets that calculate your caloric expenditure or watches that keep an “eye” on your heartrate aren’t really considered high-tech any longer. They are superbly useful, but the world is rushing towards a new era of smart wearables, and we can expect grander solutions to enter the fitness stage. For example, a smart belt used to keep track of your overall health – and it works well with that Harvey Specter suit as well. Or a vest that can tell the future, or at the very least the future of your heart by predicting a heart attack before it occurs.

These are just some of many tech-driven products we can expect to become exceptionally popular in the months to come, whether as a way to optimize performance during training, help people with medical issues keep better track of their health, or simply listen to our bodies more attentively.

Upgrade your gym bag

While we’re on the subject of wearables, you’ll be glad to hear that fitness brands are coming up with new ways to not just boost your training capabilities, but also help your body recover more efficiently after a grueling session at the gym. A great example would be durable compression tights and other garments that provide just enough support to your muscles as well as connective tissue to boost micro-circulation and aid in muscle recovery.

In general, compressive gear has become the go-to option for professional as well as amateur athletes in a wide range of sporting endeavors precisely for their simplicity of use and availability. It’s time to ditch the torn old shorts and cotton tees, and replace them with gear that can match your fitness goals.

Personal training still reigns supreme

Personal training

However, 2019 personal training will have an edge: online coaching in addition to on-the-spot guided workouts. This is certainly not a new one on the list, but it continues to be in the top ten for years now, and for a number of excellent reasons. For starters, personal training and the interest in the practice shows our desire to learn from educated professionals instead of simply strut at the gym – and while there will always be people who fit into the latter category, the former seems to be growing.

Home workouts front and center

Another result of our global need to save time, since we still haven’t come up with a way to extend the length of a single day to last around 36 hours. The time most people spend driving to the gym and back can be better spent, indeed, and for that very reason, more people are opting for home workouts instead.

Now, with more online courses available, VR tech to make your treadmill rides more immersive, and guided workouts via the internet, you can literally take your pick and still stay healthy. Plus, once you master your HIIT and your calisthenics (to which we’ll get to in a moment), you can do anything without leaving your home.


We’ve all heard of the shows like Ninja Warrior, where participants do incredible things with their bodies, thanks to their strength and agility. Calisthenics is the combination of functional with bodyweight exercises, so that you can mix and match depending on your skill level, energy level, as well as potential health needs.

While there are gyms that boast entire rooms designed for connected sets of these intense workouts, you can also create your own, exercise at the park, or sometimes in your own home. The goal is to grow stronger by using your own bodyweight and finding new ways to make the workouts more challenging in the process.

A multitude of yoga variations

yoga variations

Adding yoga to your routine is not a new concept, and it has been combined with weightlifting, running, bodyweight workouts, as well as a whole slew of other sports to help athletes add variety to their routine. However, we have become quite creative with the way we do yoga: from adding goats and alpacas to the mix, all the way to beer yoga, you can now find many modern adaptations to suit your needs.

Fit at the office

So much has been said about the harmful effects of living a sedentary life that more employers are beginning to implement a range of smart, healthful practices within their own corporate walls. Chances are, even if your boss hasn’t done it yet, they will most likely do their best if you make your own suggestions. Using standing desks, treadmill desks, and under-the-desk ellipticals has become quite a norm nowadays and is only going to become even more popular.

Supercharge your sleep

Supercharge your sleep

Let’s revise a bit: when do you gain muscle? When you sleep! The muscle protein synthesis part of the muscle-gain equation happens not at the gym while you’re busting your biceps, but once you turn in every night and your body can go through all the restorative processes necessary for gains. As we become more educated in the role of rest for health and fitness, more people are using tech trackers to monitor their sleep quality and thus enhance their ability to reach their fitness goals.

Resistance plus swimming

If the repetitive nature of lifting has ruined your motivation to exercise on a regular basis, this particular trend will make you jump with joy. In the attempt to take resistance workouts to the next level, while also alleviating some of the pressure from your joints, some of the most innovative programs involve resistance training in the water. It’s incredibly simple, but highly effective, and more gym-pools will start including these programs in 2019.

Even though your workout system still might be perfectly plausible for your needs, don’t miss the opportunity to try out some of these novel trends and spice up your routine. Rest assured, it will help you stay motivated and add another level of fun to your challenging plan!