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Is Divorce Mediation a Good Idea?

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Resolving your separation or divorce out of court with the facilitation of a mediator is beneficial to both couples. This could save you time and money. Getting a divorce in court is a public proceeding. If couples can’t create a settlement agreement, then a judge will decide what is best for each spouse. Mediation is private and confidential.

Mediators create an unbiased environment to communicate needs and goals. A divorce attorney can offer guidance with this sensitive matter.

Divorce Mediation At a Glance

Divorce Mediation

Mediators work as a neutral party or third party negotiator. They are trained professionals that analyze issues without offering relationship advice. They listen to both parties brainstorming ideas. The techniques used in negotiations are to inform the needs, rights, and best interests of both people involved.

Mediation Encourages Compromise

For mediation to work, couples have to be willing to work together. The mediator will help determine what is best for each person in deciding equitable distribution, family planning, alimony, and other factors affecting separation. Finding unbiased solutions pertaining to finances, health care, and property apportionment can be assessed during the process.

Issues Covered

There are a variety of issues that need to be resolved during divorce. A mediator can assist a couple to work together in finding solutions to problems such as:

  • Assets and liabilities that include property
  • Child custody and parent time sharing
  • Child support
  • Alimony
  • Retirement

Distribution of Assets

Through the arduous process of divorce the most significant obstacle will be the allocation of capital. If children are involved, then a determination will have to be made in who will stay in the home. If money is owed on the house, then a divorce mortgage broker may need to get involved. Through the collaboration of ideas shared by both couples and knowledge of what steps to take during mediation, deciding what is best when dividing your assets will be a much smoother process.

Family Planning Resolutions

Child custody disputes arise during divorce. Parenting time is a primary concern during separation. Both parties have to determine what is best for their children. With the help of a mediator finding terms suitable to both parties can be a peaceful proceeding. Divorce is one of the most stressful experiences a person goes through. Mediation offers a balanced setting when disputing matters related to the family.

Couples often have trouble talking during divorce especially when children are involved. Mediation may make separation more manageable and the future relationship with your ex-spouse when dealing with familial affairs.

Alimony Contentions

Spousal support may be needed to help a spouse that worked as a homemaker or made far less money than the other spouse. This may be short term or long term depending on the length of the relationship and other factors. A mediator can provide resolutions when couples are trying to determine what can be agreed upon. If alimony is necessary but cannot come to an agreement, then it may be court ordered.

Divorce Mediation is Beneficial

Private divorce proceedings are confidential, cost-effective, and collaborative. Mediation opens lines of communication. The mediator guides the decision-making process while offering solutions beneficial to both couples. This way disputes are mutually resolved. This is why divorce mediation is a good idea!

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