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Surviving The Darkside Of Divorce

Surviving The Darkside Of Divorce

You may feel that ending your marriage is the right choice, and even experience a sense of freedom from making that decision, but that doesn’t mean that there still aren’t some tricky parts of the divorce process that you will have to navigate. Luckily, by reading the guide below, you can find out about how to survive even the darkest sides of a divorce.

Emotional fallout

One of the things that can be difficult about divorcing your spouse is the emotional fallout. After all, even if you have the most amicable divorce, ever you are still dealing with the breakdown of a relationship and a significant change in the way you will be living your life from now on.

Of course, if your divorce was unwanted by one party, or due to a significant betrayal such as infidelity, the emotional impact can be even more lasting, and even lead to issues with anxiety and depressions.

Luckily, divorce is not something that you have to suffer through alone, with many folks that are going through this process turning to close friends and family for help. Then, there are mental health professionals such as therapists and counselors that can help you not only survive the divorce process while gaining some perspective on things but also heal and move on once it’s over as well.  

Effect on the kids

Divorce can wreak havoc on the parents in a marriage, but many relationships breakdown also involve children of the partnership as well. Of course, separation is something that can be incredibly unsettling and even be confusing for the kids, and some ever end up blaming themselves for their parent’s situation.

Another issue to navigate here is custody, and visitation rights, as well as the fact that at least one parent will not be living with their children full time. A situation that can have a massive effect on the kids, and the parent involved.

Now the advice on how to deal with the effect your divorce is having on your kids will differ depending on the age and temperament of your child and your individual situation. For young children, it can be helpful for parents to come together and explain what is happening, and make clear that they will commit to co-parenting together, and still, both be a major part of their child lives.

Also, it is crucial that you not put your children, young or old, in a position where they have to either choose between you or that they are exposed to lots of negative talk about one parent. After all, kids aren’t dumb, and they will work out for themselves who is staying engaged as a parent and who isn’t, and trying to influence this decision can end up reflecting poorly on you in the long term.

Finical effect

Sadly, the effect on your children isn’t the only dark aspect of divorce that you will need to deal with, as money can also be a huge stumbling block as well.

The reason that finances can be so complicated in a divorce is because of alimony laws. These are laws that state when a couple splits, the partner that earns more is required to pay for some of the living costs and wellbeing of the other until they remarry. Of course, if you have kids together and they are living with this person, the cost will be even higher.

With that in mind, it is an excellent idea to get a divorce lawyer to look at your case before agreeing to anything in term of financial assets or alimony. Then they will be able to ensure that what you are paying out or being paid is fair and reasonable. Something that can help you stay financially afloat even after a divorce.  

Dating again

Lastly, something that most folks going through a divorcee need to deal with is getting back on the dating scene. Now, this isn’t something that is all that easy, when your feelings are still raw from the breakup of your marriage.

Combine that with the fact that the dating scene is barely recognizable from what it once 20 years ago, and it can all seem a bit too intimidating!

Don’t feel like you have to rush into the dating scene!

However, in this situation, it is worth taking things at a slow and steady pace, and not rushing to find the next love of your life. After all, you will need to allow yourself time to heal and navigate the dark and challenging water of divorce, before you jump into your next serious relationship.

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