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The Reasons You’ve Not Been Achieving Your Goals

Reasons You've Not Been Achieving Your Goals

If you have health and fitness goals, then they can be going well for a short amount of time. But what happens when you’ve not achieved where you want to be at or are getting a little bored? The goals can quite quickly slip by the wayside. So here are some of the best ways to make sure that you achieve your health and fitness goals, whether that be running a marathon, dropping body fat, or completing a triathlon.

Get a Training Buddy

You may not need a trainer that you pay for to help you to stick to your goals. But you may need to get a training buddy to help you to make sure that the exercise happens. If you arrange a time and a place for a workout, then it makes it harder to drop out of it, which you could quite easily do if you were training alone. So look for a gym buddy that will help with your accountability, and make working out more enjoyable too.

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Make it Fun

Speaking of which, making your training fun is a must! You’re not going to enjoy doing something if you don’t enjoy it. So for starters, choose a goal that will actually be achievable. If you hate running, then is training for a marathon really going to be conducive? Some ways to work out aren’t always going to be the most fun, but you can make it fun through challenges, or setting yourself rewards when you have got to certain points.

Have the Right Equipment

It can be hard to train for something if you don’t have the right equipment that will allow you to do so and do so easily. So think about what you will need to make achieving your goals easier. Is it that you need a new pair of running shoes or weightlifting shoes? Is it that you need some new sports kit or would a step counter or heart rate monitor help you? When you have the right equipment, you’ve got no more excuses as to why things aren’t happening.

Set Smaller Goals

If you have a large goal, like a lot of weight to lose, then to set that as your only goal can feel quite overwhelming, and you can feel like you’re not getting very close to it. So instead, break the goal down and look at smaller goals. Could you just aim for weight loss ten pounds at a time, for example? When you keep achieving, you will get to your overall goal, but it will motivate you to keep going, for sure.

Overcome Obstacles

We are all different and what works for you may not work for others. But, have a think about what may have stopped you or held you back in the past. Is time an issue for you? If so, look at ways to overcome it, by schedulingAchieving Your Goals in your training, for example. There will be solutions, you just need to make a plan to help you to deal with it all.

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